3 Tips to Get More From the Blog Content You Already Have

May 27, 2022

You’ve been in the eCommerce game for some time and have created what you sincerely feel is a content goldmine. Some of it is still generating a sizable viewership, but there’s a significant chunk that’s just redundant.

It may not be evergreen for now, but it’s still awesome content. A few tweaks here and there can raise it from the dust, send it out there, and bring some leads home to your website again.

Here are three tips to get more from the blog content you already have before you outsource or embark on fresh blog content production:

  • Enrich your current content with visuals
  • Turn videos into text
  • Add updates to your old content

We’ll also look at the fundamental performance differences between updated and fresh content. This will especially help you choose the right content marketing strategy for your website.

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Tip 1: Enrich Your Old Content With Visuals​

Take advantage of the SEO potential of visuals such as images, infographics, and videos to resurrect your old blog posts.

Google reads and ranks the Alt text of graphics just as it does web copy text. Therefore, embedding a graphic and including the right keywords in the Alt text is surefire SEO bait.

If you spice up your content with graphics, Google will deem it updated, which will hopefully elevate it to a more honorable rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

And for your audience?

Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. This statement is more relevant concerning graphics in content marketing than in any other parlance—especially when it comes down to infographics.

You can repackage a blog post of a thousand words into a simple, digestible infographic. This, along with the versatility of charts and slides, will expedite the buyer’s journey.

Most importantly, adding visuals to your old blog posts will provide multiple sensory stimuli to attract more diverse audience segments. This will result in more traffic and increased conversions.

The importance of graphics is elevated by the fact that the brain processes visuals faster than text.

In addition to this, adding visuals to your content will:

  • Enhance user experience
  • Compensate information gaps
  • Make content vibrant and shareable
  • Leave a longer-lasting impression
  • Strike an emotional chord with your audience
  • Provide visual retreats from textual monotony
  • Turn a blog post into a panoramic visual expedition

While revamping your existing content, it’s necessary to frequently update your website with new and optimized content. That’s where CopySmiths fits into your content marketing strategy.

Take a look at some of our popular blog post formats.

In the following table, we compare how updated web content differs from freshly crafted content:

Updated ContentFresh Content
Impossible to get rid of all the relics of the old blog postUnique and hot off the press
Changing the date of publishing doesn’t change Google’s indexing dateMakes your brand more relevant and helpful
Doesn’t help much with your website’s EATEarns EAT from Google and the audience
Refurbished content is harder to publicizeFresh, high-quality content is naturally viral

Tip 2: Transcribe Videos into Text

For some people, it’s the rolling pixels of a video that gives them a blast. For others, the thought of settling in to read engaging text gets their juices flowing.

You need to cater to both audience segments to drive more organic traffic to your website.

Yes, videos are taking the internet by storm. But that hasn’t diminished or replaced the popularity of the written word.

Text possesses some unique qualities that videos will never have.

For example, every well-designed piece of text content exists in a visible body.

Text content has a cognizable structure that’ll enable your audience to classify it into a specific format.

But videos are, by nature, unscannable.

By viewing bullets, headings, graphics, links, and quotes, your readers will immediately decipher what type of content it is and decide whether they want to read it or not. The best part is that they can skip everything else and jump to what they’re interested in.

Most notably, it’s very easy to create and manipulate text.

There’s no shortage of text-creation and editing platforms, like MS Word, email apps, Google Docs, and social media walls.

Unlike videos, your audience can search for anything within a text document with minimal effort.

Text is also free from intrusiveness. In shared spaces, your audience can consume your content without being a nuisance to anyone.

Expert Tip: Whether you update old content or create new blog posts, it’ll be futile if it doesn’t meet Google’s on-page SEO requirements. Get more value from your content investment by hiring a professional web copy creator.

Tip 3: Update Old Content​

Maybe your content is still drawing some traffic, but you know it has the potential for better results. Or, your analytics may be screaming “poor engagement.” Whatever the case may be, you need to count your conversions again.

Are you impressed? If not, it’s time you give those blog posts a makeover.

And we can tell you how.

Read through a single blog post carefully, research the subject thoroughly and fix all recognizable inconsistencies. Check whether your product descriptions are in sync with the product upgrades and rebranding.

Update it to make it historically and factually accurate. Work on it until it’s better than your competitors’ in every aspect.

Add more links to authoritative websites that will pair well with your updated post.

If possible, do not change the blog’s URL. Doing so will leave readers who’ve bookmarked it with broken links. Worse still, changing the URL will make it a new item on the site map, therefore beginning its SEO journey from scratch.

Change the title to reflect the update. And if your host allows, change the publication date too.

If you do this for enough posts, they’ll soon begin to:

  • Generate conversions
  • Rank highly on the SERPs
  • Attract social shares and quality links
  • Drive constant, valuable traffic and engagement

CopySmiths is a content shop with highly trained native English writers, quality checkers, editors, and SEO technicians. With our “set and forget” model, you’ll no longer worry about your website’s content or ranking.

Here’s what our clients say about our services:

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Choose Without Regretting​

It’s up to you to decide whether to resurrect old content or treat your audience to new and exciting content.

But always remember: People come to the internet to search for new and fresh information.

Therefore, relying entirely on old “ways” to fuel your website, no matter how drastically you improve them, may not be the best idea. Of course, as we’ve seen up top, it may win you some short-lived success. But you need much more than that.

Another important thing to remember is that Google also loves fresh content. Therefore, your website is better off reputed as a source of new and accurate information. Anything less is too costly.

Contact us for all your content marketing needs from keyword research and title generation to loading your completed blog posts to your website.

Just order and forget.

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