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Blog Articles

First Batch = $295 each article
Subsequent Batches = $245 each article

Batch is 12 articles for a single website/topic.

Everything is included from keyword suggestions, article titles, quality control, editing, images, simple revisions, right through to publishing in standard CMS.

Prices are USD.

FAQs & Examples

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Limited Email Sequence

First Batch = $425 per sequence
Subsequent Batches = $395 per sequence

A batch is a five-part education series of emails for a single product or category. Everything is included from topic suggestions, email text, quality control editing, and unique images, simple revisions, right though to publishing in your email software.

Learn more about how to order.

Custom Work

We offer a range of custom content marketing services and content creation.

Some ideas:

  1. Content strategy & SEO Content Map for 12 months of content
  2. Audit store’s existing content and create a to-do list for improvements
  3. Hire and train an in-house team for affordable, reliable content
  4. Audit a store for SEO and Search Console performance
  5. Fix issues with product pages and categories
  6. Audit and improve stores for Google E-E-A-T compliance
  7. Improve conversion rates from blog to products
  8. etc.

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