Write for CopySmiths

We are looking for experienced and novice writers to join our team. 

CopySmiths has been in business for 25 years. We’re a tight-knit team of 60+ writers who love creating content for our clients.

Our goal is to create high-quality blog articles that meet SEO guidelines and yet still tell a good story for the reader.

Working with us, you’ll be provided with training, one-on-one coaching, on-time payments and payment increases.

This is an excellent opportunity for you if you’re interested in working closely with a team of writers and editors to sharpen your craft and get published on popular websites. Our editors are highly experienced, strong writers who will help you refine and improve your writing skills.

We work with writers of all backgrounds, so long as you have a desire and commitment to the writing process. You don’t need to be a native English speaker, but you do need to have a strong command of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.

Want to know more about us? Click here to watch a video.

Send your application to people@copysmiths.com and address all of the following points, in order:

  1. A summary of your recent writing experience, education and employment background.
  2. Three examples of your most recent writing work – preferably creative non-fiction, essays or blog entries. (No Microsoft Word documents.)
  3. Your LinkedIn URL and/or resume so we can learn a bit more about you.
  4. A summary of any SEO experience you have had, if any.
  5. What experience do you have working with professional editors? Are you okay with working on multiple drafts of an article before publishing?
  6. What is your general availability? Are you looking for occasional work or a lot?
  7. Please include any questions you have about the position as your final point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay rate?

We pay AU$0.025 per word for a first trial article. Articles are usually between 1,200 to 1,800 words in length. After a successful trial, payment is between AU$0.03 and AU$0.08 per word.

Is this a full-time role? How much work is available?

This is not a full-time role. You work to your own schedule. 

We have a queue of articles ready and waiting for you. You simply take an article from the queue and complete it within four days. Then, you can take another article from the queue.

Most writers complete between 2 and 5 articles per week. Some manage more, some do less. Exams, life, children and health dictate your pace, of course.

What is the training? Is it free? How long does it take?

Over the years we have written a ‘recipe’ for success. This is encapsulated in our free, in-house training programme and culminates in a short SEO Content Checklist.  

If you read every word of the training it would take you 1.5 hours. If you read the training and watched all the tutorial videos it would take you 4.5 hours. Every lesson has a quiz to help you identify the ideas that are most important for success.

Below is a screenshot from our private team Facebook Group. It shows what our writers think of our in-house training.

What happens next?

Follow the instructions above. If your application is accepted you’ll be onboarded into our trial team. You’ll be given access to our in-house training and assigned a trial article. 

If you are able to write an article that matches the SEO Content Checklist then you’ll be paid for the article, it will be published and you’ll be moved into the main team.


We offer consistent, long-term work and room to grow within the team. I hope to see your application in our inbox soon.

Author: Katrina McKinnon

Katrina McKinnon, Founder