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We have worked with 100+ clients since we began writing in early 2020. Below is a short selection of articles and our clients’ impressions of our work. specialises in producing custom branded displays. Their online store offers products including tents, tablecloths, banners, flags, and every person’s favourite – inflatable arches.

The company needed content that helped their customers buy a complex product. CopySmiths have written 100+ articles on product categories and other related content on their niche to explain how their products work.

Recent articles:

Working with CopySmiths has been nothing short of excellent. They were able to write several batches of well-written, genuinely informative content related to our products and industry with minimal guidance or training on the product itself.

They also do this relatively quickly, so the turnaround from our delivery of targeted keywords and topics to their finished pieces felt like a breeze! I would recommend their team to anyone looking to boost their content strategy but may not have enough resources in-house to do so. Eileen Shaw, MVP Visuals 

The graph below shows growth in organic keyword ranking since we began writing and publishing. make stunningly beautiful, high-quality handcrafted day-to-day items such as belts, wallets and bags. Their founder, Ryan, wanted content that conveyed how unique their products are while maintaining their brand voice.

CopySmiths first had a run at 10 articles, which Ryan rejected because he felt they didn’t capture their tone of voice. We took the feedback in stride, fixed the articles, and Ryan was so thrilled with the results that he’s now ordering another batch.

Recent articles:

“CopySmiths has provided excellent, well-researched and thorough blog content for our website. What I truly appreciate, is their willingness and patience to work with me. They go as far as publishing every article directly through our eCommerce platform so it’s truly a hands-off experience.

Katrina and her team of writers are well-versed in what Google looks for in ranking articles – already seeing traction in a number of blog posts and it’s only been 2 months. Ryan Popoff, Popov Leather

The graph below shows the upward trend of’s organic keyword ranking since they started working with CopySmiths. sell truck, car, and SUV parts and accessories at great prices. They have always driven most of their revenue from organic content and were already writing but needed a way to scale up to create upwards of 50 articles very quickly.

CopySmiths developed custom templates for their product comparison guides and engaged writers who understood the basics of auto parts and who were then able to write all of that volume of content they needed.

Recent articles:

“I’m really impressed at the quality of content that CopySmiths produces. My niche is very boring, but CopySmiths is very creative and consistently comes up with unique angles to address the topic. They have also been very helpful with keyword research, helping us to find gaps in our coverage. 

The quality of writing is very good — but the best thing is it’s written for the reader in mind. They use tables, lists, graphics, comparisons, etc. knowing that every reader consumes content differently. I highly recommend using CopySmiths, or at least testing them with a small batch of articles!” Alan Marek, PartCatalog

The graph below shows how’s organic keyword ranking has grown since we began writing and publishing. provides high quality health supplements to keep your loyal canine or feline feeling happy and loved . They had tried working with other copywriters and found the results too expensive and underwhelming.

The pet advocates needed an immediate and consistent source of site-ready content at scale and have since found reliable partners in CopySmiths.

Recent articles:

“We feed Copysmiths keywords, and they consistently return with quality, well-researched content. Can’t recommend them enough.” Ben Knegendorf, Paramount Pet Health

The graph below depicts the growth in’ organic keyword ranking since they got CopySmiths involved in developing their content strategy. is passionate about finding loving homes for man’s best friend. Their website also rates and reviews products  like chew toys, dog collars, and dog backpacks. Rocky needed a way of making his website just as popular as his video channel.

CopySmiths watched and analysed Rocky’s videos and found common themes in his video with content we could write. We managed to make content that really resonated with his audience and brand like his famous puppuccino article.

Recent articles:

The graph below depicts the organic keyword ranking growth has experienced since we began writing and publishing for them. sell  powders, supplements, jams, juices and non-alcoholic elixirs derived from berries and mushrooms grown and ethically sourced in the wild forests of northeastern Europe.

The nutritionists wanted good quality organic content that would share their brand and brand values and drive traffic to both their website and Amazon store. CopySmiths has created 70+ articles and is still publishing more to help them find a firm footing in a highly competitive niche. 

Recent articles:

The graph below shows the notable growth that has experienced in their organic keyword ranking since they started working with CopySmiths. sell affordable, high-quality batteries online and one of the largest distributors of batteries to businesses in Australia. They recognized that some of the top battery models like the CR123A were gaining some traction in  the engines and they wanted to capitalise on it.

They engaged CopySmiths to write 50+ articles to help them rank for batteries that people are searching for. Since they began working with us, they’ve improved their website and are now reaping the benefits of quality organic content.

Recent articles:

“I found CopySmiths via a mastermind I am a member of. I was a little bit dubious at first having used content creation services with very limited success in the past as the technical know-how to write about my industry made it extremely difficult to genre good content.

In any case, I decided to give it a try. My results have been outstanding and the velocity at which they can generate quality content is amazing. Now the top 3 ranking pages of my well-established e-commerce site are articles they wrote within the last 6 months. Daniel Walker, Battery Specialists

The graph below shows growth in organic keyword ranking since we began writing and publishing. specialise in helping their clients find that beloved but ever-elusive music T-shirt from their favourite artist or band. It’s hard to sell T-shirts online because they are a popular item in such a competitive market.

CopySmiths created a campaign around vintage T-shirts by optimising 20+ articles for the band names that people are searching for on the internet. The objective of the campaign was simple – to make people aware that the company sells them.

Recent articles:

“I am very happy with your company’s content output and professionalism. I will be recommending use of your company’s services. – Chris Boggs, is a revolutionary company that sells waterproof, wireless precision hair trimmers for grooming for men. They had found success with online marketing campaigns and social media campaigns and they wanted to built on it by creating a separate blog.

They engaged CopySmiths to create content that would help people understand that there are snag and cut-free alternatives to the dreaded pair of scissors and standard shaving cream while maintaining their quirky sense of humour.

Recent articles:

“CopySmiths is highly capable at defining the content buckets for our brand, and then rolling out a highly competent execution strategy with thoughtful iteration, supportive graphics, and metadata that helped our team go from 1-100 on our SEO strategy without having to pull our attention from other high-priority marketing projects!

It was especially a pleasure getting to learn from Katrina, who is A-Level SEO talent; anyone who has the opportunity to learn from her should. – Tom Worcester, are nutrition ambassadors  who started out as Remy Tennant’s quest to find the perfect lectin-free protein bar for health enthusiasts. Their search evolved into a fully-fledged site offering expert advice on all things protein bars.

They had a very particular best practice template that they wanted followed and couldn’t find anyone who could adhere to it and produce good quality content. Since they turned to CopySmiths, we’ve written 20+ articles plus a few test articles and they’ve subsequently shot to the top-ranking positions for keywords.

Recent articles:

“As a digital marketing executive with over 10 years of experience, I’ve worked with dozens of writers and agencies. CopySmiths is as good as it gets – which means they are better than the vast majority of what is out there. They have the deepest SEO expertise of any content marketing agency I have worked with. The content is top-notch with project management and communication to match.

Lastly, you get what you pay for: you may be able to find something cheaper but you will not find a better value. Remy Tennant, Human Food Bar

The graph below shows how’s organic keyword ranking has been going since they engaged CopySmiths to write and publish their content. provides medical equipment which is affordable and easy to use for the ageing, injured and those battling illnesses. The company is driven by the belief that people deserve the dignity of self-reliance and convenience regardless of the bumps they hit or where they are in life’s journey.

The online company has used CopySmiths’ services to develop informative blog articles to help their clients make informed decisions on products that suit their needs and pockets.

Recent articles:

 6 Best Patient Lifts for Home Use

“CopySmiths has been able to create a very well branded and useful article for my website. I was worried about having problems with the description of my medical products, which is very important, but I ran into no issues with the content that was created.

Looking to get more articles made and can’t wait to measure how they perform! Christopher Wei, Dansons Medical sell personalised pens and other associated materials like journals and cardholders. Their products are thoughtful gifts which are aimed at strengthening both personal and business bonds.

The company recognised the growing demand for functional gifts, specifically pens, and wanted to rank higher in the keyword searches that are relevant to their core business. CopySmiths crafted articles on their wide range of products and optimised them for the various seasons and occasions they are best suited for.

Recent articles:

The graph below shows the positive growth in’s organic keyword ranking in the year since they began working with CopySmiths. sell an assortment of lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor and residential and industrial use. The company needed good quality organic content upon realising that they had to write well and often in order to carve out their own niche in the saturated marketplace.CopySmiths has since produced a variety of content including buyers’ guides, listicles and how-tos which have amplified their presence online and made them one of the go-to options for every client’s lighting needs.Recent articles: The graph below shows the strides has made in growing their organic keyword ranking since they started working with CopySmiths. has made it its mission to create an environment where men can shop for enhancement products both safely and discreetly. They needed bold, quality content to achieve their long-term objective – starting conversations around matters that were previously considered taboo.

CopySmiths took up the responsibility of developing a sustainable content strategy that the company has implemented to ensure that their clients make informed choices with regard to what suits their specific needs. We’ve also retained the humorous tone that their brand has come to be associated with.

Recent articles:

The graph below shows the growth in’s organic keyword ranking ever since they got CopySmiths involved in developing and publishing content on their site.

More Testimonials

We have used CopySmiths on several occasions to assist with blog content for our website. Their approach is strategic and SEO results driven, which is exactly what we needed. Their communication is excellent and their transparent use of SEO tools to ensure their content is competitive was really impressive, and greatly appreciated. The quality of the articles has been consistently high, and as such we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.Chris Harris, Red Kite Design

“I stumbled upon CopySmiths and have dealt with both Ivan and Katrina. Both of their communication was excellent and most importantly the service they provide is top-notch. Their articles are well researched, written, and then even published. I highly recommend CopySmiths to anyone looking for a professional content creation company.” – Alex S., Lucid Hills Investments

“It has been a pleasure working with the CopySmiths team – they are reliable, efficient, and great at curating high-quality content on complex subjects. They always provide regular updates on all article orders and deliver on their promises.” – Sander Tamm,

“CopySmiths have helped us to scale the SEO and content marketing side to our agency by working to create relevant and meaningful articles. We’re pleased with how efficient they have been at interpreting our brief and returning with a quality result in a timely fashion.” Anthony Colfelt, Handmade Web & Design

“After reading many positive testimonials online, we contacted CopySmiths to assist us with creating numerous pages of supporting content for our websites. Communication with them from day one was fantastic and they delivered above and beyond our expectations. Their thorough process for creating engaging content with SEO best practices in mind is very impressive and certainly makes them stand out.” – Miskawaan Health Group

“I highly recommend working with Copysmiths to increase the quality of your online content. We are happy repeat customers of Copysmiths after initially contacting them to see if they could help us improve our web presence. The team was a joy to work with: highly responsive, innovative and full of intriguing multi-faceted ideas. Their suggestions were based on research of our site, niche, products and competitors. After we gave the go-ahead to pursue one of their ideas, they delivered quickly, meeting the specifications we set, while remaining in close contact with updates along the way. Their blogs that we have published have been very well received by our customers, using keywords that help with our search ranking. If you are looking to improve your copy, obtain high quality keyword-rich blogs, or for other copywriting content, you won’t go wrong with Copysmiths.” – Hilary, eCommerce Business

“As an SEO expert myself, I always wrote my own content – however as my eCommerce business has grown I no longer have capacity to write all my own blogs. I have always been hesitant to outsource this, as I know how much is involved in writing an excellent article that ranks well in Google. I was delighted to try CopySmiths and find their articles are excellent – they have very good communication and processes, and the final result is published directly to your website after feedback and quality control procedures are actioned. I would highly recommend them to any online business needing genuine, quality articles written that also help you rank in Google. Thank you CopySmiths! 5 stars! I’ll be back. – Felicia, eCommerce business

“Content creation is a significant part of our marketing strategy, so we searched for an affordable writing service and found CopySmiths a great fit. We have ordered a batch of articles on various topics relevant to our industry. A CopySmiths team took the time to understand the project requirements and guidelines and returned articles that were original, SEO-optimized, and of excellent quality. Not to mention, they have revised and edited the articles each time to suit our feedback and suggestions. The communication was friendly, professional, and efficient. We have received regular progress reports either via email or personal video. Highly recommended service for anyone seeking to enhance their website or marketing materials with quality content.. – Oliver Stasinszky, LiveAgent

“We’ve used many content writing services, and Copysmiths was by far the most responsive and organized. They also uploaded the posts they wrote directly to our CMS, which was a big help. Eric Thomas, CRD Design Build

This is my absolute favorite-est post!!! So much information and well put together. I love it.” Janine Do, Virginia Boys Kitchens

“Lodge has seen a 103% increase in our Organic Search traffic this month as a direct result of working with the CopySmiths. They know what works when it comes to SEO, have a scalable team of expert content creators and were able to execute on tactical SEO campaigns. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses looking to improve their web presence. – Paul Napper, Lodge

“The content that the CopySmiths team has developed for ServiceSeeking is first-rate, and we’ve seen organic rankings for highly prized keywords increase, driving more new visitors and signups. – Oliver Pennington, ServiceSeeking

“…Over the last 3 years, there has been more than 300 posters developed, first aid signs and visual guides, which has attracted more than 80,000 pages views. Monique Welsh, Alsco 

“It’s been a great pleasure to work with CopySmiths. I thought that the
level of professionalism and process behind the work was at an
extremely high level. The objective results for our articles are still to
come as it’s early days, but I look forward to continuing to work
Maciek Slodyczka, Joolca

“I am very happy with CopySmits’ service – great structure, succinct writing, lots of great custom graphics too! Look forward to getting them published soon with the team once we do our final editing. – Richard L.

“I am a returning and very happy customer who had the pleasure to work with Natasha and her team. The whole experience was wonderful. Not only they have improved our rankings and we had a very good ROI, but they also made the experience seamless. It’s a turn-key solution. I will definitely keep hiring them again and again. – Hatem B., LaylasDelicacies


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