4 Amazing Benefits of Using a Title Generator for New eCommerce Blogs

January 9, 2023

What if your new eCommerce blog didn’t have to go through the learning curve of finding that perfect structure?

Imagine knowing what perfect mix of blog elements your audience is looking for.

Well, with a top-quality title generator, you don’t have to imagine. These are realities.

Title generators offer recommendations of what your audience is interested in and what search engines value.

These suggestions are based on analyses of top-performing blogs and are why title generators have recently found fascinating tags, like the “be-all and end-all of blogging.

We’ve gathered more amazing benefits that title generators have to offer your new eCommerce blogs. As we delve into them, you’ll also learn:

  • How title generators help you save time
  • How title generators create captivating headlines
  • Why you must analyze individual websites
  • How title generators optimize your headlines for search engines
  • Where to find a high-quality title generator

1: Title Generators Help You Create SEO-Friendly Titles

Blog title generators help you create headlines that are relevant to internet users and optimized for search engines.

Simply key in a topic, and the generator produces various title suggestions featuring relevant keywords for internet users and search engines.

For instance, for the topic of “eCommerce,” a title generator like CopyCount will suggest headlines with keywords such as “growand ways.” Check out the red boxes below.

keyword suggestions from CopyCount

Source: CopyCount

The implication here is that users searching for eCommerce are largely online store owners interested in growing and expanding their businesses. As such, these users will be more inclined to click on your blog title if it bears any of the keywords “grow” and “ways.”

At the same time, search engines can understand and index your blog content better if the title contains keywords relevant to a user’s search intent.

Compare these two titles (under one topic) and judge how easy it would be for a search engine to comprehend either blog.

12 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Conversions.”

eCommerce Business Conversions.”

The keywords “grow” and “ways” make all the difference. They distinctly link the blog title to the search intent, “How to grow conversions,” making it easy for search engines to understand and index new blogs appropriately.

This understanding leads to better placement on the search engine results page (SERP), better click-through rates, and greater chances at conversions.

The second title, without the keywords, has a wider application in terms of search intent. It applies to a search for, “How to grow conversions,” but also relates to general searches for the topic “eCommerce conversions.

As such, the second blog title isn’t as effective at aiding search engines and will definitely rank lower than the first blog title featuring keywords.

2: Title Generators Help Your Blogs Become Authoritative and Engaging

Title generators go beyond suggesting headlines. They also recommend elements that’ll help you build authority and engagement.

A title generator like CopyCount offers recommendations on the overall structure of your blog article with crucial features such as backlinks, word count, and image count.

These suggestions stem from a deep analysis of the top-ranking articles under your given topic, which looks at:

  • Average word count of top-ranking blogs
  • Number of paragraphs, lists, and tables
  • Number of outbound links
  • Images per article
  • Number of quotations

Recently, we tried out CopyCount for structural suggestions on the topic “eCommerce.” The following image is a screenshot of our results.

structural suggestions from CopyCount

Source: CopyCount

These suggestions were from a deep dive into the three best articles under the subject “eCommerce.”

From this CopyCount analysis, writers can quickly learn that tables and quotations aren’t necessary for this particular topic. Images and lists work better.

Writers will also learn the value of titles and paragraphs, which are frequent with averages of 89 and 84, respectively.

These elements break up large chunks of text, making it easier for readers to go through the hefty 3,630 average word count of top eCommerce blogs. The following table below compares the word counts of the top three articles on eCommerce.

Article RankWord Count

It’s easy to generate engaging and authoritative content with this breakdown guiding you. All you need to do is incorporate the suggested elements into your new eCommerce blogs.

The breakdown also saves time by eliminating the need for you to manually go through all the top-ranking articles and note these elements yourself.

3: Title Generators Help You Create Catchy Headlines

Title generators are excellent tools for generating catchy headlines and higher click-through rates. They’re set to observe all the rules of creating killer titles, including:

  • Vivid and descriptive language
  • Making a promise or offering a solution
  • Sparking curiosity with a question or bold statement

As a result, title generators can generate numerous title ideas from a single keyword. Each suggestion explores these rules in different ways, giving you plenty of options for catchy headlines.

Our topic, “eCommerce,” generated over 80 captivating results using the title generator CopyCount.

catchy title suggestions from CopyCount

Source: CopyCount

Let’s look at some of our favorites and how each title suggestion observes the rules of creating catchy headlines.

Why eCommerce Is No Friend to All Small Businesses.

This suggestion features an intriguing bold statement that—contrary to popular belief—eCommerce isn’t beneficial to all small businesses.

The title provokes readers to question the unsung possibility of eCommerce hurting small businesses, prompting them to read on and learn more.

Will eCommerce Ever Die?

This title suggestion sparks curiosity by posing a question that forces readers to think about an unconsidered possibility. We hear a lot about eCommerce as the future of business and not enough about what might come after.

As such, curiosity will be sparked in anyone who sees this title, making it a catchy headline.

10 Strategies to Maximize Your eCommerce Revenue

This title suggestion grabs attention by offering solutions to a specific problem of business inefficiency, the search intent.

As a result, readers (who’ll be sifting through numerous blog titles) will find it easy to assess the relevance of this article, prompting them to read on.

4: Title Generators Keep You Updated on Emerging Trends

High-quality title generators feature website analysis tools that help you stay informed on the latest trends in blog article writing.

Take any subject you’re thinking of blogging about, and chances are you have a few websites in mind with great content. Let’s call them your favorite web addresses.

Title generators like CopyCount allow you to post these addresses for a breakdown of their blogging structure. This feature allows you to track changes in their blogging style and stay ahead of emerging trends. For instance, keyword use.

website analysis feature from CopyCount

Source: CopyCount

Keyword frequencies change as SEO continually improves. As such, it’s essential for your new blog’s visibility that you monitor and adapt to these changes as they occur.

CopyCount tracks the top 20 keywords on any web address you key in, with a percentage ranking of each term.

keyword tracking by CopyCount

Source: CopyCount

Scale Your Publishing With CopySmiths

So there you have it. Four amazing benefits of title generators for your new eCommerce blog, but why stop there?

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