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Your monthly content health retreat unfolds like a personalized wellness journey. 

Each month, we work through a series of targeted treatments, drawing from our best-practice checklist.

~ Month 1 ~

Content Detox & Rejuvenation

Content Detox
We’ll start with a deep cleanse, crawling your website to identify any indexing or content errors that might be hindering your performance.

Diagnostic Reports
Think of this as regular check-ups. We’ll set up automated reports from Google Search Console to monitor your store’s health.

Content Map Creation
Just like a personalized workout plan, we’ll draft a content map outlining a mix of informational, commercial, and link-building content to strengthen your store’s foundation.

Blog Refresh
We’ll identify your top-performing blog articles and give them a makeover to reignite sales and traffic. Think of it as a revitalizing spa treatment for your content.

Content Pruning
Sometimes you have to let go of the bad to make way for the good. We’ll identify and remove low-performing, outdated content that’s dragging you down.

Grammar & Spelling Tune-Up
Just like good hygiene, proper spelling and grammar are essential for a polished online presence. We’ll ensure your content is error-free for both search engines and large language models.

Annual Date Check
An annual date check across your entire website ensures your content remains fresh and credible. Outdated information can erode user trust and negatively impact search engine rankings.

~ Month 2 ~

New Content Creation

In your second month, we kick up the gears and start creating new content, as well as setting out some initial trust markers for search engines and large language model (LLM) data collection.

Regular Blog Articles
Think of these as daily vitamins for your website, providing valuable information, keeping your audience engaged, and promoting upcoming events and sales.

Editorial & Accessibility Policies
These are like the nutritional labels on food, establishing transparency and trust with your customers. We’ll ensure your policies are clear and up-to-date.

Privacy Policy Review
Just like regular check-ups, we’ll verify your privacy policy aligns with current laws and regulations.

Buyer’s Guides
Think of these as personalized consultations between your customers and your own in-house sales team. We’ll create comprehensive guides that help customers make informed decisions, maximizing sales potential.

~ Month 3 ~

Topical Authority Tune-Up

Your third month offers a huge boost of delicious new content for search engines and LLM datasets.

Glossary of Terms
This comprehensive glossary isn’t just a list of definitions – it’s your website’s knowledge booster shot. Just like a shot of vitamins strengthens your body, a clear glossary empowers customers by providing easy-to-understand explanations of key terms. 

This not only enhances their shopping experience but also boosts your topic authority for search engines and AI, increasing your website’s discoverability.

Topical Authority Section
This is like our daily yoga session for your website – a dedicated space optimized for Google and AI crawlers, helping them understand your area of expertise.

~ Month 4 ~

Search Engine & LLM Optimization

Now that your content foundations are stronger, it’s time to help search engines and large language models further discover your expertise.

Think of this phase as enhancing your store’s visibility and searchability, making it easier for potential customers, search engines and LLMs to find you.

And here’s how:

Identifying Main Entity & Keyphrases
This is like working out which macronutrients make your body tick – we’ll identify the core topics and keywords relevant to your business.

Meta Data Enhancements
Imagine these as eye-catching signs around the retreat – we’ll improve your product, collection page and blog meta data to grab attention and increase click-through rates in search results.

Keyword-Rich Content Optimization
Just like tailoring exercises to target specific muscle groups, we’ll optimize your collection and product page text for popular search keywords, ensuring your content is relevant and discoverable.

Schema Markup
Think of this as providing additional information cards at the retreat – we’ll implement schema markup on product, collection pages and blog articles to help search engines and LLMs understand your content context and the authority of your writers.

Image Optimization
Think of this as ensuring accessibility for everyone – we’ll improve your store’s technical SEO and optimize images for faster loading times and better user experience.

Submit XML Sitemap to Google
This is like creating a digital map for your store, ensuring search engines can easily discover all your fantastic content.

Submit to Bing URL API
Broaden your reach further by submitting your sitemap to Bing, another major search engine. This is like extending an invitation to a wider audience.

~ Month 5 ~

Connecting the Dots

Imagine you’ve arrived at a sprawling wellness retreat. You need clear pathways to find different activities and workshops.

Similarly, your store needs a well-connected network of internal and external links.

This month, we’ll focus on optimizing your store’s linking structure to ensure search engines and users can easily find what they need.

As such, we’ll work on:

Internal Link Building
We’ll create a network of relevant internal links, connecting your homepage, collections, and pages to your most important blog articles. Think of this as building bridges between different areas of your website to improve information flow.

Broken Link Repair
We’ll identify and fix any broken 404 pages, either re-launching valuable content or redirecting users to a relevant page. Think of this as patching any holes in your website’s pathways to prevent visitors from hitting dead ends.

Internal Link Balance
We’ll streamline your internal linking structure, ensuring important but under-linked content gets the support it deserves. We’ll also remove any excessive links that might clutter the user experience.

EEAT-Friendly Outbound Links
We’ll carefully curate outgoing links that align with Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) principles. Think of this as selecting healthy and relevant food options to complement your store’s content “diet.”

Easy Navigation for Everyone
We’ll create and add an HTML Sitemap to your footer. This acts as a handy map for both search engines and users, helping them navigate your store with ease.

~ Month 6 ~

Content Expansion

Think of content as our health retreat’s menu – it offers a variety of options to cater to different needs and preferences.

This month, we’ll expand your content library with a range of fresh and engaging elements to keep your audience coming back for more.

Here’s what we’ll be serving up:

Press Releases
Just like media coverage boosts a retreat’s reputation, well-crafted press releases can raise awareness for your brand.

Ultimate Resource Guides
These in-depth guides act as comprehensive wellness manuals, attracting natural inbound links and establishing your expertise.

“Best of” Lists
Think of these as curated spa treatments – highlighting top products or services in engaging formats that lead users to dedicated landing pages.

Downloadable & Shareable Assets
Providing valuable printables and calculators acts like offering workout manuals or relaxation tools, enhancing the user experience.

Industry Statistics
Just like the latest fitness trends, industry-relevant statistics articles keep your audience informed and engaged.

Fun & Creative Content
These are like light and refreshing poolside activities – keeping things enjoyable while driving traffic to your site.

Monthly Best Sellers Newsletter
This acts like a personalized dietary recommendation, highlighting popular choices based on your sales data.

~ Month 7 ~

Improving Trust & Authority Markers

A successful wellness retreat fosters a sense of trust and security. Your eCommerce store needs to do the same.

This month, we’ll focus on incorporating various elements that establish your brand as a reliable and trustworthy source for your customers.

Author Bio Pages & Social Profiles
Just like introducing expert spa therapists, we’ll create informative author bio pages for your blog articles and update your social media profiles with author information. This builds trust in the expertise behind your content.

About Us Page & Contact Information
We’ll ensure your About Us page clearly communicates your business identity, fostering a connection with your customers. Additionally, readily available contact information (email, address, phone number) adds a layer of transparency and accessibility.

Testimonials & Positive Feedback
Think of customer testimonials like guestbook entries at a retreat. We’ll showcase positive customer feedback to build trust and social proof.

Accreditations & Awards
These act as your industry certifications, similar to showcasing awards received by the spa. They demonstrate your legitimacy and leadership within your field.

Commitment to Ethical Practices
We’ll add a Modern Slavery Statement, Code of Ethics, and a Complaints Policy to your website. Similar to displaying the retreat’s ethical sourcing and guest care policies, this reflects your commitment to responsible business practices.

Refund & Returns Policy
A clear and accessible Refund & Returns policy assures customers of a smooth and hassle-free experience, building trust and credibility.

Copyright Protection
Finally, a clear All Rights/Copyright statement safeguards your intellectual property and affirms your store’s legitimacy.

~ Month 8 ~

Boost Customer Engagement

Keeping your website visitors engaged is key to a successful online store. Think of it as fostering active participation during a retreat session. 

This month, we’ll focus on optimizing your store to encourage user interaction, clicks, and scrolling – all essential elements for driving sales.

Here are the “treatments” we’ll implement:

Top Products Table
Imagine this as a “Welcome Refreshment Table” prominently displayed above the fold. We’ll create a table showcasing your top-performing products, enticing visitors to explore further.

Strategic Product Links
Throughout your blog posts, we’ll strategically weave in links to relevant product pages, rich with targeted keywords. Think of these as “guided pathways” that connect visitors to the products you know they’ll love.

Engaging “Read More” Buttons
Similar to well-placed signage guiding guests to different spa areas, we’ll strategically position “Read More” buttons at the bottom of blog posts, directing visitors to additional content or product pages.

Product Availability Buttons
Wherever a product is mentioned within its own paragraph, we’ll add a prominent button that acts as a direct “call to action.” Think of these as readily available “treatment appointment bookings” for your products.

Compelling Final Paragraph CTAs
Just like a personalized fitness plan that concludes with a specific action, we’ll craft a call to action (CTA) in the final paragraph of your blog posts. This CTA will encourage visitors to explore a specific product page.

Standout Boxed CTAs
Imagine a dedicated section highlighting a promotional offer or a new product launch. We’ll create a visually distinctive “boxed CTA” to grab visitor attention and inspire them to take action.

Social Proof Power
Similar to testimonials displayed at a retreat, we’ll incorporate strong social proof elements around your CTAs. This might include customer reviews, star ratings, or trust badges, all working to reassure visitors and encourage them to convert.

~ Month 9 ~

Wellness Remix: Content Diversification

This month, we’ll create engaging micro-content for various channels, expanding your reach like adding new retreat activities.

But here’s the bonus: we’ll set up an AI system to automate future distribution, keeping your content fresh on autopilot.

This ensures a self-sustaining “wellness remix” for your brand.

Here’s what we’ll be working on:

Audio & Podcast Versions
We’ll create audio and podcast versions of your existing content, making your knowledge more accessible to a wider audience and boosting your overall credibility. Imagine offering audio meditations or guided walks alongside traditional spa treatments.

Social Media Integration
We’ll develop engaging social media posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, acting as the “heartbeat” of your brand on these platforms.

These posts will keep your audience informed and connected, similar to how daily activities and social events contribute to the overall retreat experience.

Video Content Creation
We’ll transform existing content into engaging video formats, adding variety and catering to different learning styles.

This “different, unique content” is like offering a new yoga class or a chef’s demonstration alongside your core wellness treatments.

Google, like a guest who appreciates diverse experiences, may reward you for this fresh approach.

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