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CopySmiths serve eCommerce stores with a reliable and regular supply of creative blog articles and product descriptions.

Founded in 2020, in Sydney Australia, we have grown from a team of 4 to 50+ writers.

With 100+ clients, we’ve written and published 4,000+ articles and tapped out 6+ million words.

Our founder, Katrina McKinnon, is a charter member of eCommerce Fuel, Fishburners and is a regular speaker on podcasts and at conferences.

What Sets CopySmiths Apart?

Creative SEO Content, at Scale


Everything Done For You, Well and Often

Working with CopySmiths is a relatively hands-off process.

We manage every aspect of content production from keyword research to article title writing, editing, custom graphics, internal linking, quality checking, publishing and right through to tracking organic keyword results.

As Google prefers, we do this well and often.


eCommerce Content Specialists

Our founder, Katrina McKinnon, owned a successful eCommerce store for 10+ years, has built stores on Bigcommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, X-Cart and other platforms for 15+ years. 

Every store relied on organic search traffic for revenue and sales.

We know eCommerce. And, we know eCommerce content in particular.


Poets, Authors & True Creatives

We believe in the power of creative story-telling and enhancing the reader’s experience through interesting visual elements.

Sure, AI-spun content is getting better and developing at a rapid rate, but Google is actively hunting it down.

Your customers deserve to be delighted and surprised by your brand so every piece of content by CopySmiths is hand-written, hand-edited, hand-checked and hand-published.


Thorough Internal Processes & Training

CopySmiths has training for that! And a process too!

Over the course of 10 years we have developed an extensive SEO Copywriting Training programme that is only available to our in-house writing team.

We do our best to automate processes yet take a human-centric approach to everything else from education, coaching, and valuing our community.


Transparent, Genuine & Committed

Our approach to customer service and your satisfaction with our work is to be

  • transparent with timelines (even when we’re running late),
  • genuine in our interactions (even when we have bad news) and
  • committed to the quality of our work (even when we are still learning from our mistakes).

We are open to casual conversations and difficult feedback.


Creative SEO Content

Our content work is founded on old-school SEO principles as laid out in Google Search Central and Google Quality Rater Guidelines documentation.

But, we add a dash of creativity, unexpected ideas, delightful visuals and try to create an engaging reading experience for your customers.

Because we are creative with our approach, but rooted in SEO principles, our work, time and time again, lead to high organic keyword ranking, more organic traffic and sales revenue.

Key Team Members


Katrina McKinnon, Founder

Katrina founded one of Australia’s first web development agencies in 1996 and pioneered innovative practices now standard in eCommerce, including off-shoring and content marketing.

Katrina is the founder of CopySmiths.com. We offer blog writing services for eCommerce stores.

One of the 50 founding members of eCommerceFuel.com, has spoken at 3 of their conferences, is a community greeter, and has been the Outsourcing & Content Expert for a 1,000+ strong community for 10+ years.

Guest on the eCommerce Fuel, Practical eCommerce and eComCrew podcasts.

Creator of 3,000+ training screencasts and reviews for writers and the eCommerce community.

Admin of an African Writers Group with 35,000+ members. 

Katrina’s speaking style is to pack loads of actionable advice into a podcast show, video interview, webinar or conference discussion.

She systematically lays out what an eCommerce store needs to do in order to create a high-performing blog, and how to trust their intuition and drunk aunties to find their own audience.



Kimberly Panal, Account Manager

Kimberly is an account manager with four years of experience in project management. She facilitates timely and successful deliveries of services while maintaining favorable relationships with clients by liaising between them and cross-functional internal teams.

She thrives in a fast-paced environment and enjoys working with clients to find creative solutions. Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills make her an asset to the CopySmiths team.


Sam CopySmiths content coach

Sam Boyd, Content Coach

Sam is a seasoned and celebrated copywriter and content creator to whom writing is quite literally second nature.

He has a knack for finding simple ways of explaining even the most complex of concepts and bringing the best out of his team, which makes him ideal, if not perfect, for his role as Content Coach.

Ever modest, Sam would sooner offer a helping hand to everyone he interacts with rather than use the opportunity to display his extensive arsenal of knowledge and experience which includes various certifications and features on noteworthy blogs.


Jules Trudeau, Financial Controller

Jules has been working as a web UI and UX designer for a wide range of global brands for over 20 years. He is professionally trained as a graphic designer with a background in film and TV production.

Lately, he has set-up a manufacturing-based online business which has helped develop valuable insights into how to build online sales.


Antony CopySmiths rainmaker

Antony Tzedek, Rainmaker

Antony is an expert marketer who helps brands find creative ways to engage their audience.

He has worked in many industries over the years, from public relations to digital marketing. In each industry, he always brings an excellent charisma that helps him actualize unique ideas and turn them into reality.

Antony’s versatile skill and charming personality are what make CopySmith’s social media pages so exciting. He also keeps our writers inspired to put their best ideas on paper as he finds new and innovative ways to drive CopySmiths forward.


Ivy CopySmiths talent manager

Ivy Wambui, Talent Manager

Supporting others to achieve their best self—whether it’s through intrinsic rewards, encouraging messages, or surprise gifts—is what makes Ivy a great Talent Manager.

She is friendly, excited to help, and has the ability to find creative ways to solve problems and get teams to accomplish their tasks. She is the source of encouragement and motivation that has our writers completing their tasks on time.

Viewing challenges as an opportunity for growth, she enjoys working in startups where there is a lot to learn, and no day is ever the same.


Mia CopySmiths Virtual Assistant

Mia Ormillada, Virtual Assistant

Mia is a dedicated, friendly, and talented virtual assistant with 10 years of experience. Mia is able to publish high-quality content to the web, create professional graphic designs, and multi-task across multiple administrative roles – including handling client outreach and managing CopySmith’s social media accounts.

On a personal level, Mia is passionate about helping others and always greets co-workers and customers with a smile.


Speaking Events

Ecommerce Fuel Live 2020

Katrina’s talk, titled Building Out a Content and Link Building Machine, drew a big audience at the ECF Live event. ECF is a private community for 7-figure-plus online store owners. Visit site

Ecommerce Fuel Live 2016

Katrina’s talk at ECF Live, titled Online Teams: How to Train, Retain and Fire, drew a large crowd – all of whom were eager to learn. View site


Engaging Customers with Fun Drunk Auntie Content

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Creating high-performing eCommerce contents

Katrina joins Benjamin to discuss content creation best practices. The digital shopping experience today is more based on trust than it has ever been. So, while conversion tactics like button color aren’t likely to work as well, what potential customers and Google are looking for is your social proof of the buying experience. Today, Katrina talks about creating high-performance eCommerce content. Listen

Ep. 257: What a best-in-class blog looks like in 2022 ft. Sam Boyd

In this episode, Sam and Kathleen discuss the best practices that the world’s top bloggers and content marketers use to get extraordinary results along with actionable tips on how to go about planning your blogging strategy. Listen

How to write a blog post and attract new customers

Katrina and Lisa have an engaging conversation on why having a blog on your online store is so important and discuss creative SEO strategies that can attract and convert new customers to your brand. Listen

44 Storytelling for SEO

In this episode, Sam and Rob of StoryCopywriters.com talk about the power of storytelling and how to create stories and content that first connects with the reader and creates trust that allows a business to sell without selling. Listen

How to create Great Website SEO Content with Katrina McKinnon from CopySmiths

In this podcast episode, Katrina talks to Trevor of Vendlab about the role that quality content plays in generating organic search traffic. She also shares some insights on Google’s content preferences and how eCommerce businesses can successfully adopt and implement them on their blogs. Listen

#098: How to create quality blog content at scale for eCommerce stores

In this episode, Katrina shares how to create quality blog content at scale for eCommerce stores. She further delves into the art of content research, how eCommerce businesses can use creative content to reach their target audience and shares actionable tips on how to turn blog visitors into customers. Listen

How To Rank Content in Your Ecommerce Store with Katrina McKinnon [Tactical Tuesday]

Katrina joins Ben and Jon to discuss how to go about writing creative content that ranks in Google. She also shares how to check all the relevant content boxes while incorporating humour in order to better connect with your audience. Listen

XL25: How to Create Inbound Traffic With Quality Human Written Content

Tech platforms like Google can be powerful allies in driving content to your site, but they can also change the rules overnight. Katrina McKinnon, the founder of CopySmiths, shares several strategies eCommerce businesses can use to stay ahead of the curve. Listen

E151: SEO Tactics for eCommerce

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Effective Outsourcing Strategies

On this episode, Katrina shares some of her favorite strategies for finding, hiring and firing remote team members. It’s one of the most in-depth episodes on outsourcing that’s ever been recorded, so don’t miss it! Listen

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Content Marketing by the Numbers

On this interview, Katrina shares how she and her team produce hundreds of articles that ranked in Google’s search results. Learn her newfound formula on how to hit the top. Listen

How to Successfully Outsource content?

Katrina gets to share her thoughts about hiring someone to created content for you. Learn what she means by saying “killing it with cold outreach!” … Listen

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