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At CopySmiths, we create custom content – at scale – for online marketers to use in sales funnels and marketing campaigns.

We supply all the content types that you need to have a fully functioning, engaging, high-performing squeeze funnel.

Key Team Members

Katrina McKinnon, Founder

Katrina is an experienced entrepreneur who has run successful online businesses for more than 20 years. She opened one of Australia’s first web development agencies in 1996 and pioneered innovative practices now standard in eCommerce, including off-shoring and profitable digital lead generation methods. LinkedIn profile

Jules Trudeau, Founder

Jules has been working as a web UI and UX designer for a wide range of global brands for over 20 years. He is professionally trained as a graphic designer with a background in film and TV production. Lately, he has set-up a manufacturing-based online business which has helped develop valuable insights into how to build online sales.

Chris Day, Principal

Chris Day has worked in online marketing for 20 years. He is a highly-regarded copywriter and business communicator with experience in media and public relations, brand management and advertising. He has held roles in large corporates (Asciano, Sun Microsystems), a creative agency, a tech start-up and ran his own freelance business. LinkedIn profile

Hilary Blackman, Principal

Hilary has been tutoring primary to university students as well as editing and writing content for 8 years. She has worked for environmental non-government organisations as a supervisor, technician and writer. She works with the team at CopySmiths to create high-quality custom content for our clients. LinkedIn profile.

Speaking Events

Ecommerce Fuel Live 2020

Katrina’s talk, titled Building Out a Content and Link Building Machine, drew a big audience at the ECF Live event. ECF is a private community for 7-figure-plus online store owners. Visit site

Ecommerce Fuel Live 2016

Katrina’s talk at ECF Live, titled Online Teams: How to Train, Retain and Fire, drew a large crowd – all of whom were eager to learn. View site


E151: SEO Tactics for eCommerce

Katrina shares with us some SEO techniques she used to drive traffic to her content over the years in her business. These techniques are so effective that her business was able to… Listen

Effective Outsourcing Strategies

On this episode, Katrina shares some of her favorite strategies for finding, hiring and firing remote team members. It’s one of the most in-depth episodes on outsourcing that’s ever been recorded, so don’t miss it! Listen

Practical Ecommerce logo

Content Marketing by the Numbers

On this interview, Katrina shares how she and her team produce hundreds of articles that ranked in Google’s search results. Learn her newfound formula on how to hit the top. Listen

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