Copywriters: Your Secret Weapon to Successful Inbound Marketing

December 20, 2021

Inbound marketing has really been a revolution in marketing. It’s all about answering peoples questions with the relevant answers.

It has been used since 2012, having been coined by Hubspot’s CEO and co-founder Brian Halligan. Marketing statistics show that inbound marketing is 54% more effective than traditional outbound marketing.

We’re talking double the amount of website conversion rates.

Websites that have adopted inbound marketing have close to 6X higher conversion rate than non-adopters. This makes inbound marketing the present and the future of marketing.

Here’s why content marketing works:

Internet users just want useful information out of the chaff of annoying and interruptive information overload on the internet. They don’t want to be bombarded with ads and unnecessary content all the time.

However, this hugely effective marketing strategy relies heavily on copywriters. People who take your business agenda and turn it into just what your customers need.

Copywriting makes it possible to understand user behaviour and offer a direct response informed of content.

Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter writes what people are looking for on the internet. They create informative content that guides reader’s in their own research.

This may range from marketing topics, advertising messages, web and even digital copies. It ranges from short or long-term copy.

The copywriter is always writing copy that promotes and sells your brand, products and services. This can be through websites, emails, product descriptions, blog pages and landing pages. By definition, copywriting is interlinked to marketing.

A copywriter promotes your product and educates your audience while demonstrating your expertise. A seasoned CopySmith understands how to talk to your target audience using a specific tone and still grow your leads.

What Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter crafts words that prompt action. However, copywriters don’t spend the entire day just writing. Here are typical responsibilities that these writers undertake:

  • Researching Concepts: This includes understanding the clients’ objective and the target audience for every piece of written content. They evaluate the user’s behaviour from the reviews and testimonials and come up with the perfect message and tone.
  •  Writing Copy: Armed with adequate research and content brief, the writer develops the ideal copy. This includes using certain keywords for search crawlers to easily rank your content highly.
  • Analyzing and Optimization: Each copy that is produced uses different key performance indicators (KPIs). A copywriter will analyze all the ambitious goals to ensure the KPIs are met. Is it customer retention, sales spike, new leads, or brand awareness?

In a nutshell, a copywriter works closely with your team, writes the right words that align with the objective and ensures that they optimize each word for maximum results.

What do Copywriters Write?

A copywriter is not your average content creator or blog writer. Copywriting requires stellar market research skills, understanding the user experience and writing with empathy in order to connect with the reader.

When managing your project, the copywriter will research, write, edit, proofread and even source relevant images for your article.

The list of what refined copywriters can deliver is endless.

Here are a few examples:

Blog Posts copywriting
  • Range from 500 to 1500 words
  • Informal and vary from one client to another
  • Usually educational in approach
White paper copywriting
  • 1500-2500 informative long-form SEO content
  • Intended to highlight the clients’ services.
Emails copywriting
  • Short, enticing and informative content that is sent to clients to spark interest.
Social Media posts
  • Witty tweets, Facebook blurbs, LinkedIn content, etc.
Website copywriting
  • Your website narration to your visitors on your brand and services.

Why are B2B Businesses Investing in Copywriters?

The customer today knows what they want. The customer isn’t waiting for any information from companies. Instead, they do all the legwork and seek information that suits their specific needs.

Where Does This Leave Marketers?

Businesses have to invest in a solid marketing strategy. Every customer touchpoint, be it a tweet, a blog or a YouTube video, should contribute to inbound marketing.

Getting this right is an art, and this is why you need marketing copywriters. A team that will be part of your business strategy, taking your content marketing to the next generation of selling through copywriting.

This is the right time for entrepreneurs and CEOs to change their attitude on what drives sales. It’s time to dive into the content marketing data and understand terms like “audience”, “proving ROI” and even “relevant content”.

Think about it, what do you prefer?

Noisy intrusion and ad fatigue on your normal calm day or just the relevant information when you require it?

It’s time to shift from traditional marketing and embrace copywriting!

Besides, if you’re already using online advertising, you can tell a story or two about the rising cost, reduced conversion rates and cut-throat keyword competition.

Here is what copywriters will do for your brand:

  • Create the right content for the right audience—blogs, social media, search engines.
  • Talk to your customers by creating what matters to them only.
  • Use the right creative tone and voice for your brand
  • Write copy that promotes you as a trusted advisor.

The copywriter attracts your audience, converts them into leads, delights them with continuous content and helps you close on sales. This is all through various forms of content.

continuous content

How to Identify the Right Copywriters for your Business

Getting the right person for this position may be a challenge, especially if you’ve never hired a writer before. Overall, as you get started, you want to select people with the right education, experience and portfolio to back it up.

To become a copywriter, one must at least have a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, journalism, or English.

Copywriters are constantly learning and improving their craft. They benefit from up-to-date courses which help to enhance their skills , making them more specialized.

A portfolio is a sample of copywriting work done. A copywriter should be able to share examples of blogs, webpages or sales letters they have written. You can also request audience results for any successful writing campaign they’ve undertaken.

In a nutshell, the copywriter you hire should be excellent in both technical, writing and soft skills.

These are the top skills to look out for:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Creativity – Ability to craft compelling copies even from old ideas.
  • Persuasion skills – Ability to prompt readers to take action in writing.
  • Excellent Research skills – Knowledge on how to evaluate and act on the research findings.
  • SEO – Thorough understanding of keyword research and knowledge of how to incorporate the right keywords successfully.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Copywriter?

There are three primary routes you can follow to hire the right copywriter for your business.

To get started you can:

  1. You can work with a staff from a well-known copywriting agency
  2. You can employ in-house copywriters to work with your marketing team
  3. Engage a freelance copywriter

A work marketplace like Upwork can act as a guideline on how much copywriters are paid hourly. The freelance rates range from $30 to $125 per hour.

Indeed reports that  copywriters in the USA earn an average annual salary of $55,173. These earnings vary significantly based on location and seniority.

However, it is important to note that a writer can take 2 hours of research just to write a 50-word email. This is why pricing may shift from one project to another, depending on the writing complexities.

Outsource Your Copywriting Needs

As you’ve seen, inbound marketing is a key determinant of your sales and the growth of your brand.

The good news is…

You don’t have to do all the legwork in getting the right copywriter.

To get started, you can outsource.

Get started by working with the right agent, you avoid basic content marketing mistakes like thin content that doesn’t convert.

The right content sets you apart and aligns with Google’s Expertise, Authority and Trust.

Therefore, outsourcing copywriters can quickly skyrocket your leads and grow your brand:

  • You Work with Industry experts. Every article you publish is crafted in-depth to showcase your expertise and offer fresh perspective to all your readers
  • You save on time and money. Yes. Outsourcing is way cheaper than hiring an in-house copywriter. You will only hire on a need basis, saving on money and still get to work with experts. 
  • Content creation and editing is done on time. You can concentrate on what you do best and let the writing experts handle all the proofreading research and timelines.
  • You’ll get to publish your content with consistency. Copywriting is not an easy task. If you need your email cadence to be weekly, or blog posts every other day, you may not keep up with the demand. Outsourcing saves you this writing headache.
  • Outsourcing copywriters helps with search engine optimization. The right copywriters will help you with SEO and link building by producing quality content that grows your organic search results.
Katrina McKinnon


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