Introduction to
SEO Copywriting Training

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Is This Training For You?

Following are a series of lessons that are used by CopySmiths’ writers to produce 100s of SEO-optimized blog articles every month.

The training is not written for marketing experts, nor SEOs, agencies, gurus, affiliates, entrepreneurs, nor project managers.

We have written this training for writers.

It’s for people who’ve never taken any interest in search engine optimization and who don’t really need to in order that they may write often and effectively.

You see, we teach good writers how to write for the reader. We don’t teach them SEO.

So, if you’re a marketing expert, SEO guru or have otherwise been SEO’ing for years and years then you won’t find any SEO tips in here. 

Instead, you’ll find jargon-free lessons for writers to do their best work for their audience; the reader.

Please share this training with writers who’ve never heard of SEO.