4 Safety eCommerce Blogs and What You Can Learn From Them

May 16, 2022

Do you know that around 2.5 million burglaries happen each year?

Even worse, 66 percent of these are home-break-ins.

The above statistics underline the essence of safety measures, both in homes and on our business premises.

Having a company that sells safety gadgets is not enough. Your customers will need to know how to use the gadgets.

Maintaining a blog alongside your safety eCommerce store is a great way to draw in new leads and nurture your existing audience. Your blog should essentially be the go-to source of information for your industry or niche.

There are many types of content that a safety company can produce to nurture its audience. This table shows different types of content you can add to your safety blog and how to use them to improve engagement.

Content-Type About
ListiclesProvide a list and explanations of your safety products
How-TosTeach your audience how to do something that interests them or how to use your safety gadgets
ChecklistsGive customers a comprehensive list of things they need. e.g How to improve home safety when on holiday.
Industry newsKeep your readers up to date with the latest news in your industry
InfographicsProvide pictorial representations of data
Case studiesOffer real-life examples of customers in your niche
Inspiration StoriesStories help your audience connect with your brand. Write stories that are related to your industry
InterviewsInterviews are a great way to answer questions and educate your audience

Remember that you’re not alone in your industry. As such you can learn from others too.

What a Safety Blog Should Be

A safety eCommerce blog should be a means of reaching and nurturing your customers in this niche.

Many people prefer making informed purchases, and that means that the bigger majority of your customers are already searching for information online.

There are some things you can do to improve your search ranking and develop more interest in your content.

Your Blog Should

  • Have quality photography: Product photography is a key aspect of an eCommerce site because it’s the first element your customer engages with. Ensure you include high-quality images, and let your customers see the products in use.
  • Have detailed product descriptions: Detailed descriptions help your buyers in decision-making. Descriptions should be informative and have the right tone.
  • Make your content mobile-friendly: Many people do their shopping from mobile devices. Ensure your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly.

You Blog Should Not

  • Have clutter: eCommerce websites with simple designs have higher conversion rates. Have a clear point of focus that leads your visitors’ eyes to the CTA.
  • Have steps in your checkout: A decision to buy a product should be facilitated by an easy process. Having too many steps in the checkout process increases the possibility of the customer leaving without a purchase.
  • Have ads: Using your eCommerce site as a platform to advertise for other brands only serves to turn away your customers. Avoid it. You should also avoid pop ups and sidebar ads as they look like spam.


Relevant stories across life with abode, safety and inspiration

Source: goabode.com

Abode is an eCommerce blog that aims to provide a complete home safety solution for the modern home.

They offer products ranging from:

  • Security systems
  • Door and window sensors
  • Smoke sensors
  • Sirens
  • Security cameras
  • Water sensors
  • Motion sensors

Their products are available both as packages or add ons to your current home security system. They keep a blog as part of their content marketing strategy.

The Abode Blog

The Abode blog aims at providing all of the necessary information relevant to their products.

They also use the blog to respond to frequently asked questions from their customers.

The Abode blog ensures that customers who buy home security products from them can easily come back and read more about how to maximize their products’ utility.

The use of themed articles makes this a great blog for people looking for specific information regarding their Abode home system

A perfect example is how they used Halloween as part of their content strategy in the month leading up to the holiday. This post is an excellent example of how you can use content to leverage many customers’ changing point of focus.

Take note of how the call to action is not aggressively trying to sell their products.

Your goal when creating a blog post should be to educate and provide help to your customers.

Think about it in two ways. First, if someone has already bought your product, what kind of information will help them use it better?

The second way to look at it is by asking, what problems do we solve, and how can we help prospective buyers find the help they need?

Key Takeaways

  • Create blog posts that are based on major holidays/events around the year. This will help you capture the significant influx of traffic during this time.
  • Do not self-promote too aggressively in your posts. The goal is to help your current and prospective customers find helpful resources.

The Home Security Superstore

A snippet of some blog articles on Home Security Superstore

Source: thehomesecuritysuperstore.com

If you are looking for self-defense, surveillance, or spy gadgets, the Home Security Superstore is the place to go.

This eCommerce store offers its customers a range of products including:

  • Stun guns
  • Tasers
  • Spy cameras
  • Stun batons
  • Pepper spray
  • Keychain weapons and so much more.

Their goal is to provide quality personal and home protection products.

The Home Security Superstore Blog

This company’s blog features multiple articles that have been grouped into four categories: popular, news, security, and self-defense.

Expect to write a combination of informative articles, interesting quick reads, and product comparisons and reviews.

“I ordered a couple of items and they arrived before I expected them too. Also, easy to use website and ordering.” Dwight O.

This eCommerce blog helps to create awareness of security matters. They provide solutions that people can easily put into practice.

The blog also offers essential information on self-defense skills and security tricks.

What’s more, it targets people of all ages, including college students for whom safety is a big concern.

By providing safety tips, it’s easy for the company to slip some of their products in as suggestions for self-defense.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on what people are searching for. This will help you get a lot of organic traffic.
  • Don’t forget to create content that is relevant to what you’re selling. That way, you can easily offer your products as recommendations when people are searching for solutions to their safety inquiries.


BePrepared eCommerce

Source: beprepared.com

The BePrepared eCommerce site is focused on selling survival and disaster products.

They help their customers prepare for worst-case scenarios by selling food in bulk, water filtration and water, and gear that can be stocked for long periods.

The Be Prepared Blog

The BePrepared.com blog focuses on educating its audience on ways to prepare for disaster with helpful hacks and tips. Their scope is deep and wide, and ranges from fuel storage to homeschooling.

The posts are very reader-focused and try to answer the most pressing and immediate concerns we would all have if something disastrous happened.

Selling is not the focus of the majority of their blog posts. You will come across do-it-yourself solutions that require items you can find in most homes.

This transparency makes it easy for survivalists to trust this blog as a source of valuable information they can take to the bank.

Some examples of content they make include:

  • How-to articles
  • DIY tricks
  • News articles
  • Informative articles

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on building the loyalty of your audience, and the sales will come. Help your readers find solutions that don’t always involve buying from you.
  • Write reader-friendly blog articles.


A snippet from the Frontpoint Security blog

Source: frontpointsecurity.com

Frontpoint is another home security company that deals in safety-enhancing products. Their products range from cameras to flood and smoke sensors, and they can be bought individually or as part of a package.

These products are modern and non-intrusive, making them great for large and small homes. The company’s primary goal is to make families feel safe and more connected.

The company appreciates that many of its customers may lack the know-how of operating certain security gadgets. Consequently, they have a blog that offers operational solutions to their customers.

The Frontpoint Blog

Frontpoint uses its blog section to educate its audience about the different products they sell in their online store.

Frontpoint takes its time to explain how different gadgets can improve home security and reduce the stress that comes with owning a home.

Their posts are mainly geared at helping people live safer lives with the use of different gadgets and informing them about how to make the most of each device they have.

Some of the blog posts on Frontpoint

Source: frontpointsecurity.com

This blog is an excellent example of how a company can use their platform to create more awareness of the products they sell.

People will search for this information before buying, so you might as well be the one to provide it.

Key Takeaways

  • Use your blog to provide important information about the products you sell. Answer frequently asked questions that users have regarding your products.
  • Do not assume your buyers are fully educated about how to use your products.

Update Your Company Blog

Updating your blog once a month is not going to take your content marketing to the next level. You need to understand your customers’ needs as well as the current trends in content marketing.

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