Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order

To order articles, follow these steps:

1 – Read the below frequently asked questions. 

2 – Decide how many articles you need. First time customers usually order 10 or 20 articles.

3 – Decide whether you’d like us to provide keywords, or not.

4 – Get in touch via if you have more questions, or you’d like to chat in-person.

5 – When you’ve decided on your keywords and how many articles you need, we will send an invoice. Work begins after the invoice is paid.


Content Types

What article formats are available?

Formats include regular ol’ blog articles, guest posts, top-of-funnel articles, product reviews, how-to guides, affiliate posts, and short comparison guides.

Do you write landing pages, product descriptions, squeeze pages etc.?

No. We specialise currently specalise in blog article writing only.

Do you write pillar pages and comparison guides?

Yes. We write long form articles. View prices.

Do you have content examples?

Yes. You can view examples of our work hereherehere and here


Does only one writer work on my articles, or is it a different writer for each article?

Multiple writers work on your articles.

We think that having many writers on your project is the best balance. Google values different styles, opinions, ideas and structure. 

However, keep in mind that writers naturally gravitate toward topics that they find more interesting than others, and they’ll keep picking up your article work. 

It is common for the same writers to continue working on the same batch of articles, but we don’t force this to happen.

Can I provide a brief?

Yes. We accept client background briefing documents that tell us who you are, what you sell, your target audience and tone of voice.

Can you write to my exact specification?

No. We don’t offer a custom writing service.

We are not able to accept detailed article briefs that contain your exact instructions. e.g. write this, do this, exactly like this

We have a tried-and-true SEO Copywriting ‘recipe’ that enables our clients to rank often and rank well.

We focus on producing easy-to-read, SEO-compliant articles–at scale–for your blog.

Can I approve/make changes to the CopySmiths Brief before writing starts?

Yes. We produce articles briefs for our writers. You are able to make suggestions and course corrections before we start writing.

Can I request edits to articles?

Yes. We accept minor corrections to unpublished articles.

Just ask: We are able to provide you with a Google Doc for your review and changes before we publish to your CMS.

We accept 1 round of minor changes if we have mistakenly included the wrong product, or somehow gone off track.

When the article has been loaded into your CMS in Draft or Publish mode we are no longer able to make writing changes.

We are not able to make extensive changes or rewrites to your articles. You will need to work with a freelance writer or your in-house team if you wish to substantially rework an article.

Word Count

What is the word count for each article?

We use a tool called SurferSEO to determine the best word count for each article. Surfer analyses the top 10 search results and averages their total word count.

For example, if the top 5 articles each have a word count of between 1,400 and 1,600 words then Surfer tells us that your article will need between 1,400 and 1,600 words in order to compete.

Sometimes your niche may be very competitive and your competitors are writing much longer articles. Surfer will tell us that your article needs 2,600+ words in order to compete.

You have the option of deciding whether to manually reduce your word count to 1,600 words and pay the lower article price.

Or, you have the option of paying extra so that we can write a longer article.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of articles ranking in the top positions for 700 words and they will have competitors that rank with 3,000 words.

You pay for the article, not the words on the page. This helps us to avoid filler content and concentrate on the SEO ranking aspects.


Do you use SurferSEO, Frase or Page Optimizer Pro?

We switched from Page Optimizer Pro to SurferSEO and have developed a deep understanding of the tool and its effects on rank over the course of writing 1,000s of articles.

We always use our own SurferSEO account, not yours.

What if SurferSEO suggests more/less than the expected number of words?

We use SurferSEO to generate a content template. The word count is controlled by the number and types of competitors that are selected.

If more/less words are suggested for 1 or 2 articles in a batch of 10+ articles then we go ahead. If your niche has an unusually high word count then an additional fee is applied to each articles.


Can you publish for me?

Yes. We publish to most CMS systems, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla and Squarespace.

Can you blog weekly/monthly for me?

Yes. Buy a batch of 20+ articles and we’ll publish according to your preferred schedule. 

For example if you’d like to publish twice week then we will set your publish dates to each Tuesday and Thursday, or whichever days you prefer.

Order another batch of articles when you want to top-up your blog queue.

Can you link articles to other articles in my blog?

Yes. We can place links in your new articles to other other articles in your blog. Before we begin work you will need to provide a spreadsheet with URLs and instructions.

We don’t edit links after the article has been published.

What is the by-line in the Author Profile?

We publish anonymously for our clients. The Author Profile is either your admin/own/founder profile, one of your staff writers, or a salesperson in your team.

Although we have niche experts in our team, we don’t publish their names or bios.


Can you choose keywords for me?

Yes. We can suggest keywords or you can provide your own list.  

However, please note that we are not an SEO agency. We don’t dive into your business or analytics to find unicorns. 

We use standard reports in Ahrefs to pick keywords that are based on commonsense and low-hanging fruit opportunities.

Keyword List: Content Gap Analysis

Usually, when you have an older website, we’ll start with a Content Gap analysis in Ahrefs. This means that we find your competitor’s keywords and then determine whether you’ve written about them before. We search your site ( “keyword”) to see if you’ve written about it before. If your most obvious competitors have written on the keyword, then this is often a good way to get started. 

Keyword List: High Volume, Low Keyword Difficulty

We can look for keywords in your industry that have higher volume and lower difficulty. We usually set the benchmark to above 1,000 volume and below 25 keyword difficulty. The volume increases depending on your niche. E.g. parenting topics usually have 30,000 monthly searches so we set the minimum to 10,000 searches for these niches. We can easily adjust the KD and Volume to your preference. Just ask.

Keyword List: Long Tail, High Intent

We can suggest long tail keywords that have good user intent. These tend to result in lower organic traffic, but as we all know it’s not about having the most traffic. It’s better to have the best traffic

Graphic Design

Can you create custom graphics?

No. We don’t offer a custom graphic design service. 

However, we do include SEO Visuals in some articles. These are created to attract Google Image SERP ranking.

The SEO Visuals are created as part of our in-house SEO process. You can ask us not to create SEO Visuals for your articles, or you can reject them before we publish. But, at this time, you are not able to request specific images or changes.

All SEO Visuals are available as Canva files if you wish to edit them with your own team. Just ask and we’ll send you a download link to the original files.

Are photos added to articles?

Yes. We source images from your own website as well as from rights-managed stock libraries. 

We source images from non-competitor industry experts and give a no-follow link in the attribution. We don’t have a process in place to seek permissions.

We source screenshots/images from your social media channels and eCommerce store review sections to include as social proof.

Do you add Featured Images to my blog articles?

Yes. We source photos from the rights-managed Canva library or from your website.

Turnaround Time

What is your turnaround time?

Quality content, crafted by skilled writers, takes time to produce. 

We are continually working on improving our turnaround times, but there is a limit if we want to maintain a high level of quality and a happy writing team.

When you order a batch of articles this is approximately what happens in terms of timing.

Day 1 – Batch volume agreed. Invoice sent.

Day 2 – Invoice paid. Keyword research commences.

Day 4 – Keywords approved. Ticket creation commences.

Day 5 – Tickets all pushed into our queue. Writers notified.

Day 6- Writers start to pick up the article tasks.

Day 10 – First article is submitted for Editorial review.

Day 11 – Editors finish proofreading, sub-editing, SEO checks, quality control on first article.

Day 13 – First article is scheduled into your CMS.

Day 14 – Second article is scheduled into your CMS.

Day 15 – Third article is scheduled … etc.

We schedule to whatever cadence you prefer. So, we can schedule weekly, monthly etc.

Everything is essentially loaded into your CMS as it is completed. We can either set to publish or draft. Your choice.

Pricing & Payment

Is there a setup, account management or other costs?

No. We charge a flat rate for articles. All costs are included in your batch invoice.

Can I get a trial article?

Yes. You can order a single piece of content. We don’t offer a free trial. If you’re unsure please view examples of our work herehere and here.

Can I get a discount?

Yes. Articles are priced in batches. When you order more articles then the price is reduced.

The batch price is only applicable per paid invoice. What this means is that you can’t order a batch of 50+ articles and pay for it in two invoices.

Can I get a locked price for future batches?

Yes. You can lock in a price as long as you order a minimum of 10 articles per month. Payment must be received before the end of each month in order to qualify.

Please note that we do reserve the right to retract that price.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you are deeply unhappy with an article that we have produced then we can provide a refund. 

Most clients prefer that we simply pick another topic and the article is rewritten.

Of course, you will not be able to publish a refunded or rejected article, or any part of it, on your website.

Can I cancel an article or switch to another keyword/topic?

No. When your article has been paid for and briefed into the article queue, it’s not possible to cancel or switch to another topic.

Your payment signifies that you are 100% ready and committed to proceeding with the articles that have been ordered.

What are the payment terms?

We invoice for the full amount of your batch before any work starts. Once we’ve received payment we commence work.

How do I pay?

We send an invoice.

You can pay via Wise, PayPal, credit/debit card (+bank processing fee) or by direct bank transfer. 

How do I order?

Email or use the contact form. One of our Account Managers will be in touch to help you get started.


When will I see SEO results?

Your article will usually rank in Google between 2 weeks and 6 months from the publishing date.

Large, successful websites with 100s of already-published articles and high domain authority will see their articles rank (higher) within 2 and 8 weeks from publishing. 

Whereas newer, smaller websites that have only just started their blogging adventure will see some action anywhere between 2 and 6 months from publishing.

Many other factors, including Page Experience, will affect an article’s rank.

Why should I buy articles from CopySmiths?

We have an in-house SEO Copywriting training program that each of our writers completes before they write for you. The course culminates in a very specific SEO Checklist that has helped our clients move from no organic traffic to 100,000s of visitors per month.

All Content Creation Includes

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The content that CopySmiths has developed for is first-rate, and we’ve seen organic rankings for highly prized keywords increase, driving more new visitors and signups.” – Oliver Pennington, Co-Founder

“Lodge has seen a 103% increase in our Organic Search traffic this month as a direct result of working with CopySmiths. They know what works when it comes to SEO, have a scalable team of expert content creators and were able to execute on tactical SEO campaigns.” – Paul Napper, Head of Product & Experience, Lodge Technology

“CopySmiths created 300+ posters, first aid signs and visual guides which has in turn attracted 100,000s of page views.” – Monique Welsh, National Business Manager, Alsco

Why Choose Us?

20+ Years of Experience

CopySmiths has over two decades of content marketing and lead generation experience. Our CEO, Katrina McKinnon, founded one of the Australia’s first web development agencies in 1996.

Passionate Experienced Writers

We are a team of talented writers with expert knowledge in various fields. Our writers create high-quality, well-researched content in both American and British English.

Proven Content Process

Our writing team, sub-editors, proofreaders and Content Coaches follow a purpose-built process. This streamlines production and results in meaningful content for our clients.

Keyword Optimized Content

Every article is designed to rank in the search engine results pages. All of our writers pass an in-depth, detailed SEO copywriting course before they start writing for our clients.

Consistent Quality,
On-Time Delivery

We produce a large amount of articles every month, but ensure that they meet your high expectations every single time. We pride ourselves on our consistency.

Custom Content, at Scale,
for Marketing Funnels

Our original content is aligned with your sales funnel. We create compelling calls-to-action for your readers to send organic sales leads into your business.

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