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Most of all, welcome, welcome, welcome! We’re pleased you’ve joined the CopySmiths team. We’re a group of 50+ enthusiasts who love working online, written words, creativity and creating something good. In the sections that follow you’ll learn about CopySmiths, meet new friends, get new work, and discover how to do your work.

Writers, Start Here

You’re new to CopySmiths! Hurrah! Before we can give you access to client work you’ll need to spend a week going through the training and completing a trial article following our training. If your trial is successful, your journey at CopySmiths begins. The best writers become MasterCrafters and earn more.

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Step 1: Start Learning

Work your way through the training, then refer back to it in future.

Writer Training


Step 2: Join Community

Access the Facebook Group and meet new friends.

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Step 3: Earn More

The best writers become MasterCrafters and receive a higher pay rate.


CopyCrew Training Sections

You’re the team behind the scenes that makes CopySmiths tick along. Training, daily routines and systems access is available via each portal listed below.

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Editors, Publishers, Quality Checkers and Graphic Designers

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Content Mapper

Keyword research, article titles and writer briefs

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Podcast Outreach, Email Newsletter, CopyZine, LinkedIn etc.

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Virtual Assistant, Talent Manager, Account Manager

Need More?

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Need Help? Get in Touch

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