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As part of our service offering, we provide clients with keyword research and article titles. Learn how to select keywords, write article titles and add them to each client’s Article Titles board.


  • If you are not able to work email
  • Excellent written English skills. Minimal spelling, punctuation and layout errors
  • Punctual, kind and courteous interactions with colleagues
  • When a task becomes available, it needs to be completed within 1 business day
  • Watch this overview


  • Payment will be made every Tuesday for each task that is completed and approved.
  • You will usually work in batches of 20+ tasks, so payment will be multiplied by how many tasks you have completed.
  • Task Payment = $2 AUD

Daily Routine

1- Check Article Titles board for Available Task

2- Read the Update. Watch screencasts.

  • If it’s not clear, or you’d like additional information, ask the Account Manager to clarify:
    • which categories/collections and products they’d like to focus on first.
    • if there are any keywords or keywords phrases that they would also like to focus on.
    • if there are any problems that their product/service solves that they’d like to focus on too. E.g. DaySpring Pens = graduation gifts, Creatine = weight loss/muscle building, EmuJoy = itchy skin
    • what is their overall product theme. E.g. MVP Visuals = Branded Displays, LOOV = powdered supplements, Popov Leather – leather accessories

3- Do Keyword Research

  • Login to via Keeper Security
  • Create a Keyword List and name it ClientName – seed keyword
  • Add more keywords to the list than you need. If client has ordered a batch of 10 articles, then find 15 keywords. 20 articles = 25 keywords, 50 articles = 60 keywords. Some keywords might be rejected and it will save you time if you grab a few more than you need, rather than going back and doing more research.
  • Export data from Ahrefs as CSV file

4- Add data:

  • Import Keyword, Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty from Ahrefs CSV file and map them to the appropriate columns in Article Titles board.
  • Add Topic/Category

5- Write Article Titles

  • Add Product or Target URL
  • Choose Article Type – Listicle, Buyers Guide, etc.
  • Write short Update for the writer

6- Check that all Article Brief, Canva Folder and Brand Kit columns are filled

7- Change CopySmiths Approved column to Ready for Approval

8- Go back to Article Titles board and add an Update, tag Katrina and the Account Manager

9- Your work will be checked and either approved or provided with feedback

Terminology Hubs

We create Terminology Hubs for our customers. They include Terms.

  1. Read the Terminology Hub training for Writers
  2. Watch this video

This will take you between 1 and 2 hours.

  1. Compile a list of words into a Google Sheet from other glossaries
  2. Order alphabetically so you can easily remove duplicates.
  3. Upload into Ahrefs Keyword Research tool.
  4. Save the list as – Terminology
  5. Export CSV
  6. Upload to Client’s Article Titles board with Volume and Difficulty