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Want to know what we’re doing behind-the-scenes to make CopySmiths better for our clients? Discover what we’ve been working on in recent months. Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear it.

June Updates

Service & Product Offering

  • Setup Niche tags for Clients to notify preferred writers when they add more articles to our queue of work
  • Increased article prices so CopySmiths’ Quality Checkers can do a deeper check on each content piece
  • Created this changelog, inspired by ReleaseNotes.io
  • Automated Google Doc creation with Zapier so we can quickly produce the 100s of documents we need each month
  • Moved away from tracking keywords and article titles in Google Sheets over to dedicated Monday board for each client, for better tracking and transparency
  • Setup a more comprehensive Article Brief creation and collation system to streamline onboarding for our lovely clients


  • Kicked off Nairobi Meet-up project with the aim of getting the team together for some fun
  • Kim has re-joined CopySmiths as our friendly Account Manager

Writer Training

  • Switched from Testimonial Images back to text-based testimonials for improved search engine crawling
  • Tweaked Multi Product Buyers Guide template with new ideas from buyers guides on high-traffic volume stores

May Updates

Service & Product Offering

  • Improved Client Feedback cycle based on feedback from Eileen (Thanks Eileen!)
  • Kickstarted Article Turnaround project with the aim of reducing time between writing and article being published
  • Kickstarted Improve Subject Matter & Fact Checking process based on feedback from Eileen (client)
  • Enabled Writer Reports so writers can track their own progress and feel they’re making good headway
  • Kicked off Blog Tips project so clients receive good advice regarding how to improve visibility in search engines 
  • Add more detailed to Client Case Studies section of CopySmiths.com with testimonials and organic keyword volume
  • CopySmiths featured on XL Podcast and The Dropship Podcast


  • Rolled out MasterCrafters program to encourage more regular output of articles, and increased compensation for writers
  • Natasha (Account Manager) has left CopySmiths to help her family’s business
  • Kicked off Small Revolution Author Profile project which provides our writers with an author byline on a high-traffic blog

Writer Training

  • Improved Quote vs Testimonial training to ensure social proof is more effective
  • Added Article Optimization training so we have a clearer set of steps for taking an existing article and improving it for search engine discovery
  • Tweaked How to Write an Introduction training to include a summary element that helps keep readers engaged

April Updates

Service & Product Offering

  • Restarted Ahrefs Reports project so clients receive an Organic Keywords report every 12 weeks after publishing
  • Added new Gift Guide article template based on ideas from high-traffic volume eCommerce stores
  • Identified which clients could benefit from free advice regarding Google E-A-T fixes on their stores, and get feedback


  • Kicked off Podcast Guesting project in order to share CopySmiths’ approach to creative SEO content to a wider audience
  • Hired Antony as CopySmiths’ Rainmaker so we can start sharing our viewpoint on the importance of creative SEO content

Writer Training

  • Created new Depth & Intent Training for Quality Checkers so we can more easily spot these issues and fix them
  • Added shorter, free version of CopySmiths’ Writer Training to CopySmiths’ Career Hub to assist unsuccessful applicants with improving their blog article writing skills

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