1,059% ROI from Blogging and Shareable Content

November 12, 2018

With our blog management service we produce 1,059% ROI per month for Alsco New Zealand.

The internal Alsco sales team convert approximately 30% of our online leads into brand-new customers. As a result, revenue derived from online sales for Alsco exceeded $1 million for January to October, 2018.

Alsco is a global leader in the linen and uniform rental industry with 350,000 customers and over 170 locations worldwide.

For 14 years we have been generating online sales leads for the Australian branch via inbound marketing on their Greenroom blog.

In 2015, based on our success with the Australian division of Alsco we were awarded an additional contract in the New Zealand region.

How We Did It

We use a combination of content marketing, brand management, social media and partner outreach to bring attention to Alsco solutions and then convert visitors into leads.

The Alsco sales team close the lead via phone and/or in-person methods.

Apart from tracking the overall revenue ROI for Alsco, we also use web marketing-specific tools to track other aspects of our work. The feedback ensures we stay on track with our goal of delivering ongoing value to Alsco and maintaining our good standing with their management team.

Here are some highlights.

We Create Online Partnerships to Fuel Growth

We create and manage content partnerships with other businesses in order to increase Alsco’s exposure to potential customers.

In the below graph you’ll note that an increasing number of websites link to Alsco as a result of these partnerships and content marketing efforts.

Screenshot of Alsco New Zealand referring domains

An increasing number of websites link to Alsco through business content partnerships

We Increased Global Rank and Authority

The website with the strongest backlink profile is ranked #1. These metrics help us to understand whether we are improving a website’s overall ‘health’ and popularity.

Screenshot of Alsco New Zealand rank

Alsco New Zealand’s rank continues to climb

We Increased Overall Visitors

We began work in 2015. Under our care, the Alsco Greenroom blog continually attracts more and more visitors who are interested, specifically, in Alsco’s solutions.

We focus on increasing the average sales contract value.

Screenshot of gaining more visitors to the website

While website visitors continue to increase, we focus on increasing the average sales contract value.

Our Content is Highly Shareable

We think beyond traditional content. Yes, we use well-known tactics like regular blogging, guest posts and outreach, but we also produce thousands of pieces of high-quality image content based on customer keyword queries.

Alsco offer a managed washroom programme – so we produced a range of washroom hygiene posters specifically targeting school customers.

The posters are available in multiple formats and are highly shareable on social media.

Montage of Washroom Posters

A selection of Washroom posters targeted at school customers.

This unique image-based content attracts a regular supply of ‘free‘ organic traffic via the search engines and social media.

Media files attract organic traffic

Media files attract ‘free’ organic traffic via search engines and social media.

Katrina McKinnon


I'm Katrina McKinnon, founder of CopySmiths and Small Revolution. In my 20 years of experience, I have helped online businesses create high-performing content specifically on an eCommerce store's blog. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.