How to Write Your Job Post

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You will find that writers come and go. They stay for a while, then they leave. Sometimes they come back again. Then, they’re gone again!

This can be frustrating for you as a manager or business owner.

Instead of being frustrated, why not set up a system that enables to constantly hire, or be in touch with replacement writers.

Create a Job Page

Create a job application page on your website. Call it Jobs, Careers or Write for Us.

Add a link to the footer of your website, or store it under your About Us section.

What To Include In Your Job Page?

You are welcome to re-use parts of our job application page:

We first set out to explain the opportunity to a writer and answer their most common questions.

Then, we ask a series of questions, hoping to start a conversation. The idea is that the list of questions enable us to go back and forth in a few email discussions. They are conversation starters.

Should You Use a Form or Spreadsheet to Collate Applicants?

No. It’s likely that you’re only intending to hire one or two writers, not 100s.

So, try to avoid over-complicating this step and obfuscating your goal with tools, systems and processes.

We ask writers to simply email us, on a dedicated email called

You will hear advice that you ought to create an application form in Airtable, Google Forms, Word documents, manage all the applications in a spreadsheet, and more.

You’ll be told to add trick words to the subject line to make sure people are paying attention and have read your entire job description.

Avoid this advice.

Instead, focus on having a conversation with a real person. Ask them to email you. Go back and forth a few times. Find out whether they can write, or not.

If they can’t write well, then move on to the next person. Stop searching when you find the first person who can write well and at a price you find reasonable.