How to Use Gmail Labels
to Stay Organized

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Really and truly, the easiest way to process each writer’s application is to use Gmail’s label system.

We use the following labels to make a decision and this has worked well over the past year for 500+ writers.

Just keep it dead-simple; like this.

What are the Gmail Labels?

We have a small handful of Gmail labels to help us keep track of who is who and whether we like their writing style or not.

You can use a combination of labels if you’re on the fence with your gut feeling or assessment. Or, perhaps you want to indicate that they are a conditional Yes.

Copywriter – Yes

This person looks good. They write well and seem keen. Good samples. No major grammatical or spelling errors. Sentence structure flows nicely. They are the top of the pick.

Regardless of your positive assessment of these people we still go back-and-forth on a few emails. Learn a little bit about these people. Find some common ground. Assess true availability and skill.

Ask for more samples of their work to ensure it’s a match for the first batch that you’ve viewed.

Ask for a resume or LinkedIn URL. Try to ascertain that this person is who they say they are.

Copywriter – Maybe

This person might be okay. Not quite sure until we’ve asked a few more questions and seen more examples of their work.

If you haven’t got enough “Yes” writers then you can ask these people to undertake a paid trial to discover whether they are able to write a high-quality article that matches the SEO Checklist.

Copywriter – Prob Not

This person will have had a few issues with their application. They might not have followed the instructions. Or they seem to have a good portfolio but something doesn’t smell right.

Go back and forth to assess their ability to write well via the email communication.

Copywriter – No

Use this Gmail label when it’s clear that the applicant couldn’t follow instructions or had very poor writing samples.

Sometimes these people apply again. If you have used a Label then you can quickly see it was the same person, and that you’ve said No a few times.

When an applicant is assigned the No label it should never be undone. There is no room for equivocation.

Here’s where to find Gmail labels:

Gmail labels