Where to Hire Writers​

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When we decide to advertise we mostly choose to hire writers via Facebook Groups, specifically copywriting job boards.

In the past, Upwork, Fiverr and other job boards were a good option. Recently however, we’ve noticed a decline in the quality of applicants and the applications that we did receive were usually spam or profile-squatters.

Following is a list of the Facebook Groups that we’ve been using to find and hire writers. If you search for ‘CopySmiths’ in these groups you’ll be able to follow our tracks and pinch any ideas that you like.

When you hire from these groups you can expect to receive 50+ applications over the course of 10 to 14 days. After that time, your Inbox will quieten down. A few applications will continue to trickle in over 3 weeks.

Facebook Writer Groups

Remarkable Freelance Writers in Africa


This is an active, friendly group of writers who are mostly based in Kenya. The Facebook Group is run by Walter Akolo, a well-known Kenyan entrepreneur who offers a copywriting course.

The writers in this group are mostly professional, always helpful and receptive to job posts. 

Online Article Writers Kenya


This is another group you can join in order to find writers. It is not as active as the Remarkable group, but the people are friendly and receptive to job offers.

We ask people not to Direct Message and to instead use the job post for questions. This allows us to field the same questions in one round. 

Cult of Copy Job Board


This group tends to have more experienced writers, and from Westernised countries such as USA, Australia, Canada etc. 

In our experience, the people in this group tend to be a bit more combative and defensive. They can attack job posts with a complaint about price, conditions, turnaround, topic or anything else that they think is unfair. 

Having said that, it’s worth persevering; some of our best writers have come from this group.

Copywriting Unleashed Job Board


Another group with a global audience, and similar in terms of inhabitants to Cult of Copy. It’s usually full of promotional adverts for email and sales copy writers. However, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to post a quick job offering. 

Search the group for ‘CopySmiths’ and you’ll see our previous posts. This will give you ideas for how you can post a job offering.