SEO Content Checklist: The Definitive List

In the lessons that follow you will learn CopySmiths’ recipe for content success.

The knowledge within has helped our clients provide useful information to their readers, and to also rank highly in the search engines.

As such, the following SEO Copywriting Checklist must be adhered to for articles to move along in our own CopySmiths queue, and for our writers to receive payment.

1 – Does the article match the Article Brief?

2 – Is your article on-topic overall and within each section, complying with Search User Intent?

3 – Does your article display a deep understanding of the topic, complying with Google EAT?

4 – Do you have a compelling, interesting, 120+ word introduction?

5 – Do you have a compelling, action-oriented 60+ word outro?

6 – Does your article meet the word count, within 20 words either side?

7 – Have you included 2+ authority external links and 2 internal links, or followed the Article Brief instructions, if different? Each link uses correct anchor text?

8 – Is your article succinctly written, without unnecessary joiners, transition phrases and filler content?

9 – Are your paragraphs shorter than 3 lines? And, do you have one idea per paragraph? Is your article skim-read by the reader?

10 – Have you included at least 4 SEO Visuals; perhaps 1 table, 2 lists and 1 social proof? No stock photos.

11 – Do you have SEO-friendly sub-headings? Are they capitalized correctly?

12 – Have you complied with SurferSEO guidelines?

13 – Will your article pass Copyscape plagiarism detection?

14 – Have you proofread carefully? No spelling, grammar, punctuation errors. No extra spaces. Client names and product names are spelled correctly?

Ask your writers to bookmark this page and run through the checklist before they submit an article to you for approval and payment.


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