What a Best-In-Class Blog Looks Like in 2022

September 30, 2022

In this episode, Sam Boyd and Kathleen Booth discuss the best practices that the world’s top bloggers and content marketers use to get extraordinary results along with actionable tips on how to go about planning your blogging strategy.

Sam and Kathleen podcast episode

Below is the transcript of Sam and Kathleen’s conversation, edited for length and clarity.

What Does Blogging Mean to Marketers?

Blogging, these days has like a lot of competition. So the market in blogging is becoming very saturated. So it used to be that you could just write a blog article and it would probably rank on Google because there wouldn’t much competition.

Nowadays you need to be very tactical about the kinds of blogs you write, you need to target like long tail keywords and be tactical about it so that you are beating out a competition effectively.

Why Building Trust and Having a Unique Point of View Is Important?

It’s important because it’s about helping the reader and not just writing an article, that’s a copy of everything else in the market. You need to like fill knowledge gaps and add that bit of value.

That’s gonna keep the reader coming back for more so that when they look for blog content online, they, look for you in particular rather than just Googling your keyword and finding you effectively.

There’s so many different things you can do to make the blog better. And it comes down to like both the content of the blog itself and simply the way the blog looks like there’s so many different aspects to improve a blog.

And in regards to the actual writing, it’s all about actually answering the reader’s question.

So don’t be around the Bush, don’t bury your lead halfway down the article, just get straight to the point and solve the reader’s question instantly and solve it in depth as well. Like don’t just give a basic answer and then leave a loose end.

Explore the answer, add value, basically build bridges. And in terms of the actual visual element, the blog needs to look nice as well. It needs to be easy on the eyes. It needs to be something that the reader can look at and think this is well presented.

How Visual Elements Improve the Quality of Your Content?

Visual elements adds value to your content. These elements include bullet list and tables and pictures, but not just any pictures, when using images it should actually get the reader to stop and look at them.

Content images could be like diagrams and product pictures with descriptions on them. So stuff that really just keeps the reader eye attached to the page.

It’s vital to cut long paragraphs into chunks, you don’t want to have a big block of text and just let your reader look at it and think “Oh gosh! I don’t want to read all of this!”. You need to space your text nicely and just have it visually presentable.

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