Blog content is like a snowball.

We make a lot of snowballs (ie. content) and give them a small push down the hill (ie. site optimisation).

If gravity (ie. search engine) does take hold then you can get considerable momentum (ie. organic search visitors) and the snowball grows by itself (ie. earns backlinks) from the many different paths (ie. from diversified traffic sources not just one monopoly supplier) it might roll down.

Sometimes the snowballs get so big that you can use them to build a snowman (ie. pillar content) and this attracts admirers (ie customers and brand recognition) from all over the world.

To make a good snowball you need the right conditions (ie. SEO-friendly website). Not too wet, not too dry and just enough velocity (ie. white hat SEO) so that the snowballs don’t burst apart (ie. Google penalties) when you push them down the hill.

To be successful in terms of gaining organic search engine traffic you need to consistently, relentlessly and methodically (ie. our processes) make snowballs.

We use our Snowball Marketing concept to create content that grows your organic search traffic, usually 20k uniques/month within 3 months.

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