SEO Content Services Are the Way of the Future

September 27, 2021

As an online business owner, you’ve most likely heard of SEO as the leading source of website traffic. We could compile all the information we know about SEO content and why it’s important for your business into a handbook that could take weeks to read and grasp.

However, we have a list of valuable and timeless insights about SEO content services, why you need them and why they are the way of the future.

First things first, what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content? SEO refers to optimizing your website for people to find it on search engines. As such, SEO content refers to website content created with attracting traffic as the end goal.

Now that we’ve gotten the basics sorted, why would anyone need SEO content writing services? Here are a few reasons why:

Achieve Your Business Goals

Like any business, SEO content has unique goals and targets. Most common goals for online businesses include: 

  • Drive more people to sign up to a email list 
  • Create sensational content to save your blog
  • Inspire readers to call a sales representative and book a meeting

Your main business objective may be to rake in more profits. However, these other goals support and boost your efforts towards reaching that primary objective.

SEO content writers will help you achieve these unique objectives.

While some of these goals directly or indirectly relate to one another, with a skilled SEO content service, you can become more intentional with your objectives.

For example, if you want to bring in more leads, your first goal ought to be to increase traffic. An SEO content service can craft a stellar landing page that’ll increase your traffic as well as boost your lead-capture rate.

You can help your business grow by working with a service that’s focused on your business goals. If you fail to do that, you’ll be investing your time and business resources towards an expenditure that won’t yield the desired result.

SEO Technical Know-how

SEO writing isn’t all about fluff words, filler text and throwing in keywords haphazardly. If you happen to hire any content writers not up to par, this is exactly what you’re going to get.

Keyword research is one of the most essential aspects of SEO writing, and your writer ought to effortlessly whizz through it. What is keyword research?

It refers to the process of searching and analyzing terms that people enter into search engines to find a specific result. The goal of keyword research is to use the data collected for SEO.

In a nutshell, keyword research helps unravel what people are searching for, how many people are searching for a specific thing and what format they want.

While it may not be too technical, working with a writer without keyword research knowledge isn’t helpful. They won’t know which keywords to integrate to your copy and how to present the information.

In addition, the keywords should naturally flow with the rest of the content while educating the readers and serving its purpose. You might already know that Google might flag content with unnaturally fixed keywords.

No one wants to invest in content only for it to be counted as a negative reader experience.

Establish Website Authority

Do you know that a whopping 55% of web pages steer clear of backlinks? That’s right, more than half of all web pages on the internet don’t include links to authority websites.

Backlinks are a vital aspect of SEO content writing. Why? Because they demonstrate to your reader that you’ve done enough research on the topic and you strive to deliver quality content.

With backlinks, you can either link to a third-party website or to previous blog posts on your site.  Of course, the article you’re linking to has to be related to the content. It might be a deeper article with more insights into the content or statistics.

“It takes a long time. But Google has a high tolerance for websites that don’t have a lot of links. As long as you make it easy to crawl and write for the reader, it does get traction. It just takes time.”

Katrina McKinnon, Founder,

Google loves articles with authority backlinks and rewards them by ranking them highly. Remember that Google aims at providing credible and relevant information to the readers. Authority links prove that your website is trustworthy and provides value.

Great SEO writers will understand how to use relevant and high-quality links while avoiding unnecessary content.

Professional and Top-Notch Content

Most people swear that they can write well. However, not everyone can write website content persuasively while selling your products or services. This is what sets SEO content services apart.

You might already know that you only have 15 seconds to capture the readers’ attention and keep them reading to the end. You can either gain a client during these 15 seconds or lose them to your competition.

This is why you need to work with professional content writers that understand your brand and produce content that’s up to par with your standards.

As general rule of thumb, a professional writer should possess the following skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Punctuality
  • Knack for research
  • Creativity

A professional with vast experience in SEO expertise and content optimization understands the right tone to use and the most suitable length for your article.

Besides, they understand how to carry out research with your target audience in mind.

In essence, professional SEO writing services help keep things simple. Would you wade through thousands of words in a sales copy you already want to purchase?

A writer from an SEO content service will create bespoke content that not only appeals to your readers but is also high-quality.

Superior ROI

As a business person, you evaluate any marketing strategy by its ability to generate returns on your investment. Remember that you also have a goal in mind.

If your content marketing isn’t driving you towards your goals or providing any returns, you might as well put your money in a shredder.

5 steps effective content strategy chart


One major mistake that business owners and content managers make is hiring cheap writers while having high expectations. The cost of content services may not necessarily equate to value.

Don’t waste your money on ineffective SEO content writing services.

In addition, SEO content services give you an opportunity to save money on expensive marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click.  Paid advertising is expensive and can leave serious dents in your wallet.

On the other hand, SEO content services are cheaper and give you results in the long run. You’ll continue to receive organic visitors to your website for much longer than you can pay for paid advertising.

Why are SEO Content Services the Way of the Future?

The world of SEO is changing fast. You can no longer use traditional SEO tactics and still win.

Keywords and authority links aren’t enough to rank your website. To make it even more complicated, ranking algorithms keep changing, so you can’t rely on big websites to tell you how to make your website rank.

What does this mean for business owners? Firstly, you need to strive to get high-quality content for your audience. Secondly, make the content more appealing and easily digestible.

Remember that readers now want to obtain the information they’re looking for fast because they’re always on the move.

As such, you need to deliver the information easily without beating around the bush.

Katrina McKinnon


I'm Katrina McKinnon, founder of CopySmiths and Small Revolution. In my 20 years of experience, I have helped online businesses create high-performing content specifically on an eCommerce store's blog. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.