People Are Losing Their Minds Over These 9 Popular Personal Blogs

April 29, 2022

How do you make your blog stand out from the hundreds of thousands already there?

Great content is one of the primary drivers of relevant search traffic. 

People tend to lose their minds over blogs that deliver real value, indicated by a considerable following or readership of the blog and an increase in the income earned over time.

Personal blogs are becoming exceedingly popular. That’s because people love to follow the lives of others and they relate more to blogs sharing great content on real-life personal experiences and lessons learned.

However, even these popular personal blogs require you to be consistent and deliver real value always.  The most popular blogs have the following properties in common:

  • They offer value by posting engaging and valuable content that attracts visitors to keep coming back.
  • They have an active social media presence and have built online communities.
  • They have selected a profitable niche.
  • They encourage interactions by asking for feedback and responding to people’s contributions.
  • They publish consistently, adopt new trends, and adapt to their readership, ensuring they provide high-quality content regularly.

Get inspired to create a successful blog by these 9 popular personal blogs that people can’t seem to get enough of.

1: Zen Habits

meet Leo Babauta the founder of Zen Habits

Source: Zen Habits

Post-pandemic, people are realigning their values and are more intentional and mindful of everything they do. 

Zen Habits is a minimalism blog launched in 2007 by Leo Babauta. It provides tips and teaches essential skills to clear mental clutter and find simplicity in your daily life. 

It covers topics ranging from how to master your life, ground yourself, have a self-sufficient mind, and what to do when you feel scattered. 

The blog makes money through:

  • Selling informational products and training programs
  • Selling multi-tiered site membership
  • Partnerships with other experts 

The WOW Factor

Zen Habits has a readership of over 2 million, indicating the presence of high-quality content. However, the WOW factor is that:

  • The blog is 100% authentic; it doesn’t take guest posts, advertising, or requests to promote anything.
  • It’s uncopyrighted, allowing people to share and spread Leo’s work much more efficiently without worrying about being flagged.

2: Riskology

learn leadership skills through science-backed strategies

Source: Riskology

This blog is a good find for an introvert looking for advice on leadership, networking to build your career, and how to realize your full potential. 

Riskology provides science-backed strategies to help introverts master and embrace their personality type and use it to become successful leaders. 

Founded by Tyler Tervooren, the blog covers leadership skills, risk management (taking smart risks), and how to make smarter decisions.

The blog is the primary lead generation tool for the training business; thus, most money comes from selling online courses. Other sources of income for the blog include speaking engagements and affiliate marketing. 

The WOW Factor

Tyler is super introverted and describes himself as a ‘human guinea pig for your benefit’ on the blog. His blog is famous because he has turned his life stories into a comprehensive resource for introverts globally.

3: Pinch of Yum

simple recipes from an award-winning food blog

Source: Pinch of Yum

An award-winning food blog that shares easy-to-follow recipes people can recreate from their kitchens.

Owned by Lindsay and Bjork, the blog is well-designed and features high-quality content. It also has stunning photography that makes you want to try everything on there.

The blog covers numerous recipes organized in different categories, including top-rated, popular meal types, courses, dietary restrictions, seasons, methods of cooking, and ingredients. The best part is recipes by series, including feeding a broken heart!

Pinch of Yum makes money from:

  • Selling ebooks and online courses
  • Membership sites like food bloggers pro
  • Affiliate marketing and sponsorships

The WOW Factor

Lindsay adds a personal touch by sharing bits and pieces of her life outside the kitchen. She shares tips on travel, motherhood, reflections on grief and loss, and other home stuff. 

By being vulnerable on the blog, this duo creates the WOW effect, making it easier for people to connect with them.

4: Mr. Money Mustache

It’s a popular destination for people seeking financial freedom to retire early. 

The founder Peter Adeney (the father of Mustachians), was able to retire early, at the age of 30, from his software engineering job by living frugally. He focused on only spending a small part of his salary from his twenties and investing the rest. 

Mr. Money Mustache’s blog covers various personal finance and investment topics to guide readers to achieving financial freedom. The blog makes money through:

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Paid partnerships 
  • Commissions from service providers for the financial products and services he recommends

The WOW Factor

Mr. Money Mustache’s signature wit and ongoing personal experiences make the blog an enjoyable read. You’ll come looking for personal finance tips and stay for the stories.

5: Tech Savvy Mama

Parenting in the digital age can be pretty challenging. For example, figuring out what technology is suitable for your kids and how to protect them while they’re online can be confusing.

Leticia Barr combines her knowledge of child development, psychology, education, tech, and parenting to provide helpful advice for families about parenting in the digital age. 

The blog covers technology, lifestyle, education, and gift guides. It also reviews up-and-coming tech products for families and recommendations on suitable ones. 

The Tech Savvy Mama blog makes money from affiliate marketing and product sales.

The WOW Factor

People trust experts, and Leticia has established herself as an expert in the field—the go-to person for tech advice for parents. 

Currently, she advises YouTube as a member of the YouTube Kids Parents Panel. She also serves on the Education Advisory Board for

6: Dad or Alive

confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad

Source: Dad or Alive

Times have changed. More and more dads are opting to stay home and take care of their kids. This stay-at-home dad blog hilariously discusses the confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad. 

Adrian Kulp, a published author, provides funny insights that help new dads navigate the ups and downs of being full-time parents. It covers the individual stages of growth where children need specific nurturing and covers other topics, from parenting to food, lifestyle, and travel.

The blog makes money from the sale of ebooks, affiliate marketing, partnerships, and sponsorships.

The WOW Factor

What is parenting without significant failures? Through the ‘dad is in deep sh!t’ section. Adrian captures major bloopers giving a more realistic perspective of the difficulties of handling children alone.

7: Cup of Jo

lifestyle advice for everything woman

Source: Cup of Jo

If you are looking for a daily read that teaches you new things and covers many interesting topics for women, this blog is for you.

Founded by Joanna Goddard, a former fashion editor, the blog covers lifestyle, fashion, parenting, motherhood, travel, relationships, and design. 

The blog makes money from affiliate marketing and product sales.

The WOW Factor

The blog inspires women to learn and try new things making it a big win for women.
“The posts I love most make me think about something I hadn’t thought of before, or think about something in a new way.”

– MyDearSabrina, Blog

8: Going Zero Waste

As people continue to make conscious efforts to be more eco-friendly, this blog breaks down eco-friendly living into an affordable and straightforward step-by-step process.

The founder, Kathryn Kellogg, wants people to know they can save money and be healthier through sustainable living. The blog aims to help make the transition easy and fun. 

She writes about lifestyle, fashion and beauty, self-care, cleaning products, worm composting, and shopping bulk bins.

The blog makes money through product sales, eBooks, and affiliate marketing.

The WOW Factor

People are always looking for ways to save money, and finding a way to do this while protecting the planet is offering real value.

9: Nerd Fitness

get in shape and make permanent progress with Nerd Fitness

Source: Nerd Fitness

This fitness and healthy living blog follows a fun way of inducing desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joe’s to level up and achieve their full potential.

Created by Steve Kamb, the blog covers a wide range of fitness topics, including how to have a perfect workout and what to drink for weight loss or to stop feeling tired.

The blog makes money through e-books, products, and subscription sales.

The WOW Factor

In an interview with BloggerJet, Steve admits to not having a marketing strategy and that the blog’s growth has been through word of mouth and Google traffic. He says, “I write content that people want to share.”

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