Popular eCommerce Blogs: 7 Mind Blowing Blogs You’ve Got to Read

April 4, 2022

Reading phenomenal eCommerce blogs plays a critical role in scaling your eCommerce business to higher levels. You get to borrow a leaf or two about:

  • Customer service optimization
  • Running ads
  • Product sourcing
  • Marketing automation
  • Inventory management

However, not every eCommerce blog is as valuable as the next. As the industry steadily grows, the number of blogs has equally risen, so much that keeping tabs has become challenging.

So, where do you begin? 

Below is a list of the 7 most mind-blowing eCommerce blogs you need to check out.

1: A Better Lemonade Stand

a better lemonade stand blog

Source: Databox

A Better Lemonade Stand (ABLS) is a Toronto-based blog founded in 2012 by Richard Lazazzera—former head of marketing at Shopify. 

The eCommerce blog aims to educate, inspire, and support entrepreneurs just starting out in the industry and those who want to stay updated on new eCommerce trends.

Lazazzera shares his personal experience with building a successful eCommerce business from the ground up, providing valuable insights on: 

  • Selecting and validating the type of products to sell
  • Negotiating with manufacturers
  • Dropshipping
  • Sourcing suppliers 
  • Coming up with new business ideas
  • Starting a successful eCommerce business

ABLS provides a supportive community that lets entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their eCommerce businesses. The supportive community extends to their Facebook group with thousands of users. 

Whichever stage you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, the valuable articles from this eCommerce incubator will help a great deal. 

Wondering which stage you’re at? 

In the following table, we compare the different entrepreneurial stages to help you see the difference.

Entrepreneurial StageDescriptionRelated article on ABLS
Stage 1: Inspiration and idea generationAn entrepreneur identifies a problem and a possible solution, which often leads to a profitable business opportunity

Write, Design & Sell Your Own Ebook: How to Make an Ebook to Sell Online

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Stage 2: Decision making and business planningThe entrepreneur decides to start the project. He determines ways to collect resources and attract the right audience

10 Fulfillment Warehouses With Low or No Minimums for Small Businesses

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Stage 3: ExecutionThe entrepreneur executes the idea after obtaining the funds and right audience

6 Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories: How These Entrepreneurs Are Turning their Ideas into Online Stores

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Stage 4: Scaling the business/growthThe entrepreneur takes the business to a higher operation. This will need more funds, facilities, staff, and other factors

SEMrush Review: How We Increased Organic Search Traffic by 532%

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2: The eCommerceFuel Blog

eCommerce fuel blog

Source: Databox

The eCommerceFuel blog is a members-only community for established entrepreneurs looking to stay updated on the latest trends and make the right business decisions. 

The blog was founded by Andrew Youderian, a famous and highly regarded “solopreneur.” 

After quitting his corporate job in banking a few years back, Andrew started two eCommerce stores from nothing. Today, both are valued at over $1 million in revenue. 

eCommerceFuel blog focuses on Andrew’s success story, advice, and other relevant topics for entrepreneurs to help them successfully run their online businesses.

Although the blog only posts once a week, its superior content covers critical eCommerce topics like: 

  • SEO and marketing
  • Product design and sourcing
  • Store operations
  • The types of eCommerce businesses

Besides the blog, eCommerceFuel boasts useful learning resources like a free ebook, a video training course, and a podcast with more than 200 episodes. This helps you learn even when on the go.

3: HubSpot

HubSpot blog

Source: Databox

It may not be entirely an eCommerce-specific blog, but failing to add HubSpot to our list will be an injustice. 

That’s because HubSpot is one of the biggest names in eCommerce, running a blog that’s constantly updated with new content. 

They are known for everything inbound marketing—they even invented the term. As a top inbound sales platform, they offer useful content that helps you move from one level of your business to another.

Remember, inbound sales refer to attracting potential customers and audiences to you. So, you’ll find multiple valuable tools and blogs to help you attract new audiences and increase sales, including: 

  • Social media marketing
  • Website design
  • Sales planning

Whether you need to learn about a marketing idea or useful keywords for a certain topic, HubSpot blog probably has you covered. 

It’s no surprise they have  200k + subscribers on their newsletter. 

Expert Tip: You’ll most likely not get in-depth content on topics like the type of eCommerce businesses to start or eCommerce business insurance to buy here. HubSpot is a marketing platform focusing primarily on marketing.

4: Sumo

Sumo blog

Source: Databox

If you’re a new eCommerce entrepreneur seeking practical marketing tactics and strategies, consider adding a Sumo blog to your bucket list.

Founded by Noah Kagan, a popular storyteller and online entrepreneur, Sumo has grown from listing tools for general websites to an extensive marketing platform for eCommerce businesses.

The blog majors on current product trends and online marketing, with all the articles backed up by data on case studies of actual businesses. 

A major section of the blog, Sumo stories, shares  growth stories and exceptional marketing lessons from entrepreneurs.

Sumo Growth Studies is another section that features intensive analysis of the fastest rising eCommerce stores across the globe, such as Amazon and HubSpot.

5: Shopify

Our list of popular mind-blowing eCommerce blogs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the largest eCommerce platform, Shopify.

Having helped over 300,000 entrepreneurs launch their eCommerce businesses, Shopify has insider knowledge about building online businesses that thrive. They share this knowledge freely through their engaging blog posts.

Their blogs also often stir discussion in the comments section, giving you the chance to engage with and learn from other eCommerce professionals. 

The Shopify blog covers:: 

  • How to find inspiration for business ideas
  • How to start a new eCommerce business
  • Financial and accounting advice to make the most sales
  • Tips to get new clients and drive traffic
  • Inspirational grass to grace stories of eCommerce store owners

What we love most is how Shopify discusses both technology and consumer behavior. After all, digital marketing amounts to little if you’re unaware of your audience’s needs and what they’re willing to spend on.

As much as Shopify focuses on eCommerce-related topics, their lessons can be applied in other industries too, making it an excellent all-round platform. 

6: BigCommerce Blog

BigCommerce blog

Source: Databox

The BigCommerce blog provides long-form articles with an in-depth analysis, making it one of the best educational eCommerce blogs to develop your business. 

Their well-researched and SEO optimized blogs elaborate to eCommerce store owners what their audiences are buying and what they look for before making a purchase.

The blogs support their claims with current data and expert advice, making the information provided reliable and accurate. 

Similar to CopySmiths, BigCommerce does not recycle what everyone else is writing about. Instead, they curate unique content for their audience regarding topics such as:

  • Successful ways to sell your products online
  • eCommerce marketing and research
  • Omni-channel strategies
  • Enterprise commerce

So, if you’re looking to start an eCommerce store or write content on eCommerce, subscribing to BigCommerce is a great place to start.

7: eCommerce CEO

eCommerce CEO blog

Source: Databox

The eCommerce CEO blog aims to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into business opportunities. 

The articles offer relevant information on eCommerce stores, including how to start a store, and create a sustainable online business. 

The eCommerce CEO blog is divided into three primary sections: 

  1. Step-by-step guides to creating an eCommerce store from nothing.
  2. Reviews on marketing tools and online store platforms.
  3. eCommerce marketing strategies to convert readers to sales.

Targeting entrepreneurs, the eCommerce CEO blog contains relevant information to guide you through different features of your eCommerce business, from reviewing products to attracting a specific audience, and more. 

For instance, reading “The Beginner’s Guide To Customer Loyalty Programs” on the blog educates you on the various types of loyalty programs and ways to design a loyalty program to attract your intended audience. 

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