Outsourcing Content? 4 Success Factors

September 20, 2021

Fact: Outsourcing content does not require you to get rid of your in-house writing team. 

Fact: Collaboration between your in-house hires and a reputable content marketing institute will enable you to navigate the digital space, impacting your business positively.

The digital space has changed rapidly over the years, turning content creation into a core business function. 

Additionally, the need to outsource content creation experts has become more apparent as businesses realize that past approaches to content production are no longer viable in the highly competitive marketing hotspot. 

More businesses are embracing close partnerships between their in-house teams and reputable SEO agencies to beat their competitors and harmonize their business goals, marketing teams’ goals, and SEO content marketing strategies.

Others are shifting to outsourced content because of its superior quality and more favorable logistics.

Below are four ways that using a content marketing agency could help you to attain your organization’s goals.

Multiple Quality Control Steps

It’s no longer enough to create and publish a piece of content.

With multiple sites to choose from, Google has created stricter E-A-T guidelines, and only high-quality content appears in the users’ search results.

Employing multiple quality controls ensures that your writers: 

  • Show subject matter expertise by answering your target audience’s questions in a knowledgeable and engaging way.
  • Establish your website as an authority by providing value, fact-based information, and using reputable sources.
  • Publish trustworthy posts that deliver on their promises.

Content outsourcing supports your content marketing efforts by providing access to the sound and bulletproof quality control systems that agencies have established over years. 

For instance, CopySmiths’ multi-level quality control steps begin with intensive training, where writers are introduced to different content marketing techniques.

Upon passing the training stage, the writers may work on clients’ articles. 

During content creation, they’re required to adhere to an SEO Copywriting Checklist and use SEO tools to grade their content for relevancy and quality.

Next, the content coach checks the writers’ articles before sending them to the editors’ department. 

Outsourcing your content marketing needs from the agency means that the content has already undergone multiple quality control checks before reaching your in-house marketing team, saving you the costs that you would incur to build a similar system yourself.

Learning New SEO Techniques More Often and Implementing Faster

The highly competitive digital space, changing Google search ranking algorithm, and widespread confusion about SEO have also complicated the content marketing process, making it difficult for companies and website owners to achieve desired results on time.

For instance, Google modifies its algorithm between 500 and 600 times every year. And while minor changes may not affect the effectiveness of your SEO techniques, major changes may call for complete overhauls.

Outsourcing content creation from digital agencies allows you to create and implement a content marketing plan that works quickly.

In this regard, it enables you to pick the brains of SEO experts and create effective lead generation strategies, thematic content creation calendars, keyword strategies, and content strategies that give you an edge over your competitors.

Thus, it saves you the time that you would use researching new techniques and testing them.

Similarly, outsourcing enables you to integrate new SEO techniques into your content creation process without delay.

Consequently, your SEO efforts are harmonized across various social media marketing platforms, including email, YouTube, blog, Facebook, and Twitter, without affecting the user experience and customer journey negatively.

When dealing solely with in-house content creation, the implementation process of new SEO techniques requires pre-planning and execution. This is because less experienced writers need time to study and understand the new content strategy, allowing the learning curve to affect your business.

Besides, outsourcing a professional content team allows you to measure and evaluate your SEO techniques in good time, saving you from investing in ineffective SEO techniques and enabling you to drop ineffective SEO strategies in good time.

See how the fast implementation of effective SEO techniques improved the business of one of CopySmiths‘ clients…

Using Multiple SEO Tools to Gain Better Results

Content agencies also use a wide range of effective SEO tools, which can be challenging to use or expensive to buy.

For instance, buying the Semrush Business plan will set you back $449.95 per month, while the Ahrefs Agency Plan, for five users, will cost $999 per month. And these are just two of the most common SEO tools.

Outsourcing your content needs allows you to access the best and latest SEO tools without paying exorbitant prices for them.

Besides, in-house teams, due to a limited talent pool, do not always have a complete understanding of the tools. 

Thus, even for companies that can afford them, it may take years to know and leverage the potential that they hold.

This is especially true for tools like Semrush and Ahrefs, which may not provide some of the data in an amateur-friendly manner. 

When you outsource content writing, you place the burden of interpreting such data and outlining an appropriate style guide and strategy on the experts in the agency. 

The agency then shares its comprehensive analysis in an easily digestible manner, allowing your in-house content writers to publish better articles and achieve your overall business goal.

Providing Consistent Output, Whereas an In-House Writer Goes on Holiday, Gets Sick, Leaves, Etc.

Choosing to outsource your content marketing will also guarantee that your output is consistent in quality and publishing frequency.

Solely using in-house writers exposes your business to workflow disruption risks due to such challenges as illnesses.

Outsourcing content marketing ensures that you have numerous SEO content writers at your disposal. As such, you’re able to achieve your publishing goals.

Similarly, business growth comes with changes in SEO needs. 

To cater to this growth when using in-house hires, you would need to increase the number of employees and undertake a major restructuring of the content production department.

Using a digital marketing agency for your content creation tasks enables you to make necessary adjustments quickly and scaling your business effortlessly.

For example, you can increase the number of articles that you need within a day’s notice, and it will not affect your content’s quality or internal operations.

To Outsource Content Fully or Partially?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

If you opt to use the services of the content agency alongside the services of your in-house hires, you will benefit from:

  • A wider talent pool
  • More SEO tools 
  • Better SEO analysis
  • Multiple quality control systems
  • More growth opportunities for your in-house writers
Katrina McKinnon


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