Looking to Hire Blog Writers? Here’s What to Look For

October 4, 2021

Remember the excitement you had when your dream of owning a blog became a reality? How you proactively created content that added value for your avid readers?

Time has passed, and the inevitable has happened: your in-house writer has hit a block. Ideas no longer flow as they used to, and the blog that once offered unending juicy content is leaving its audience with an insatiable hunger for information.

No matter how much your writer tries, they cannot jot down any words. Your blog is running dry, threatening its existence.

That is one of the reasons why you need to hire blog writers…

Posting content that adds value to your target audience is non-negotiable. A good blog writer carefully crafts pieces that connect with your audience, which is enough reason why you should outsource content writing to CopySmiths.

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So, What Should You Consider When Looking to Hire Blog Writers?​

To build a following, you don’t just hire any writer; you need to outsource a great blog writer.

Below, we share traits to look out for to ensure you entrust your blog to a well-deserving writer.

Let us delve into specifics.

Impeccable Writing Skills

Impeccable writing is a skill that no blog owner should overlook. It’s a vital trait that everyone expects from a person trusted to inject new reads into a blog.

Thanks to extensive copywriting training, content shop blog writers have their way with words and are quick to garner reactions from readers—which is the whole point of having a blog.

Through their commendable writing skills, these writers can create engaging content that prevents the reader from leaving the page or reverting to competitors. They undergo extensive training to ensure they choose words that influence the reader’s thoughts and opinions.

If a writer can persuade people or change their moods through written words, they are what you must have to meet the needs of your audience.

Content Creation Statistics
Percentage of companies using content marketing93%
Percentage of successful companies as a result of content marketing86%
Percentage of marketers creating content for their blogs/websites every day60%
Percentage of companies that know they need to outsource writers68%


Looking into a writer’s experience sounds obvious, but it should remain top of mind during the hiring process.

An ideal content creator should be well-versed with your niche and possess the experience to write pieces that appeal to the readers.

Take an example of an influencer looking to hire blog writers for their makeup blog.

To take the blog several notches higher in terms of influence and prowess, the blog owner must partner with writers with the appropriate experience writing for their niche.

If the blog wants to reach out to a mature clientele, hiring writers with in-depth knowledge on anti-aging beauty products and skincare routines makes more sense.

When you invite applications, ask your applicants to include samples of previously written blog posts. The pieces should, however, be relevant to your niche.

That way, you can look at their style of writing and gauge if they are the right fit.

Strong Writing Voice

Much to the joy of blog owners, currently, incredible writers saturate the market. Yet, to find the ideal content creator you must hire one that has a strong writing voice.

Depending on what you offer on your blog, you should outsource writers with a confident writing voice that complements your brand.

The voice should show in their writing tone and how they construct their sentences.

The beauty of hiring such content creators is that they will craft custom pieces that trigger the readers’ interests. That way, your avid readers will connect with the information the blog writers share without difficulty.

That makes your posts more identifiable, which proves content writing service can save your blog.

Consumers Believe in Custom Content


Being an experienced writer has its advantages. However, having a passion for the topic is another thing.

For your blog to remain competitive amidst the millions of other blogs out there, you need enthusiastic writers. Passion leads writers to explore their skills, among other things.

That alone allows them to come up with captivating pieces that leave readers yearning for more.


Chances are minimal that you have had a life achievement without committing to yourself, something, or someone, which is enough proof of the importance of commitment.

The success of your blog consists of various moving parts, and commitment is one of those that keeps the ball rolling.

Finding blog writers dedicated to creating quality content that speaks to readers in a language they understand is of paramount importance.

High levels of commitments are what drive a writer to wake up each day focused.

Even when they are less motivated, a writer’s commitment to ensure a consistent flow of content for your blog allows them to realize that quitting is not an option.

They will use the available resources to avoid a plateau in their writing career, ensuring the continuity of your blog.

SEO Knowledge

We live in a digital era where brands are using online platforms to expand their outreach. Most just-for-fun bloggers, after some time, veer away from the recreational benefits of owning a blog and into the business side of things.

Considering that we are always eager to “chase paper,” modern-day bloggers are looking to monetize their blogs.

How will you do this if your in-house writer is clueless about writing posts that rank high on search engines or those that drive in traffic?

Knowledge of SEO strategies is no longer a plus for a writer; it’s a basic need. The blog writer you hire should know how to incorporate relevant keywords in the content to ensure the blog shows up top on the organic search results page.

Also, they should understand how link building works to ensure they use the right influences to improve online visibility.

Here is a video that illustrates how to create blog content that ranks high on search engines:

For a blog to come alive and establish its authority, it needs to be visible to the online consumer. From time to time, content shops offer their blog writers free SEO training.

These pieces of training equip them with the necessary knowledge to understand the ever-changing Google algorithm and other SEO trends.

As such, outsourcing blog writers with a proven background in search engine optimization sets you up for success.

Social Butterfly

Well, I know a couple of introverts who can write captivating pieces. However, we cannot ignore the benefits of being sociable, especially for a blog writer.

Social butterflies are friendly. They make an impression when they walk into a room full of people and will strike conversations with almost everyone. That is who you want to hire as your blog writer.

An outgoing writer is always eager to meet new people, share ideas and find information.

In the process, they gain vast knowledge that may be helpful for your blog. During these interactions, they meet influencers who may be invaluable networks for your blog.

Besides, outgoing blog writers are often big on social media and spend a considerable amount of time posting and sharing content.

Since it is in their nature to speak to people, they will interact with your readers, which is instrumental in promoting your blog and improving user experience.

Great writers are what you need…

Writers are essential in the success of a blog as they can help transform it for the better. They are what you need if you are looking for a steady flow of content for your readers.

By considering the traits mentioned above when outsourcing content creators, you can be sure you are steps away from finding great writers from a reputable content writing agency and forging fruitful partnerships with them.

Katrina McKinnon


I'm Katrina McKinnon, founder of CopySmiths and Small Revolution. In my 20 years of experience, I have helped online businesses create high-performing content specifically on an eCommerce store's blog. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.