4 Genius Ways a Content Strategist Can Help Your Online Store

November 30, 2022

So, you’ve been pushing content that ticks all the boxes: relevant, consistent, and authoritative. But where are the numbers?

If you’re sure you’re doing it all right but still not getting the engagement you hope for, then the problem may lie in the foundation. That is, it may lie in the content planning, research, and curation, i.e., your content strategy.

Although it would be nice to go back to the drawing board yourself, delegating this task to an expert in the field will ensure you get it right on the first try this time around. 

A content strategist helps you plan, research, create, and manage your content across all marketing channels to drive profitable business action. They achieve this by:

  • Identifying your target audience and how to meet their demands
  • Managing content requirements across multiple channels
  • Communicating your brand value consistently and effectively
  • Engaging your audience by making efforts that align with your business goals

Below are some ways you’ll definitely benefit from hiring a content strategist.

1: Saves You Time and Money

A content strategist saves you time and resources that you waste on trying different strategies to find one that works for your business. This is especially true when you or an employee, without the expertise, handle it and have to rely on trial and error.

Content planning and creation is a big deal, and handling it alongside all the other business processes could make you lose sight of what’s important. 

It’s also a time-consuming process that can easily eat into time for other important tasks. 

If this is your current situation, then a content strategist is your ticket to worry-free content production.

They’ll hit the ground running by implementing a tried-and-true strategic content plan from the onset. The strategy will be targeted to the right audience and deliver content in a way that addresses their problems and pushes your business forward.

At this point, another dilemma arises: Should you hire an in-house content strategist or outsource the services? 

The following table highlights the differences between the two to help you narrow down your choices.

In-House Content StrategistOutsourced Content Strategist
Can be expensive because you’re required to pay salary and benefitsCheaper because you pay as and when you need their services
Intimately understands your brandLeverage diversity in terms of tone, perspectives, and approaches
Gives you complete control over the operationsLeaves you room to focus on core business processes
The process of hiring and rehiring limits how flexible you can beAllows more flexibility to change the experts or the strategy if goals are not met

Expert Tip: Outsourcing to a content shop such as CopySmiths is even more advantageous than hiring a solo-riding content strategist. We have a bigger talent pool that effectively plans, creates, and publishes bulk content even with a tight budget.

2: Helps You Target the Right Audience

finding a target audience

Source: Neil Patel

Content strategists take a comprehensive approach when planning, researching, and curating content that puts your audience first. 

They’ll take the time to understand your audience so that they can create the right content that’s relevant to the needs of the right people and relayed using the right channels

A successful content strategy is coherent, informative, and engaging. It also addresses the pain points of your audience optimally. This builds a connection with the audience, which makes you stand out from the competition and allows you to influence their purchasing decisions to favor your brand.

Furthermore, when your content is targeted to the right groups, these people are more likely to feel seen and heard, and they’ll form an emotional connection to your brand. 

They’ll always view your brand as the place where their needs have been met; so they’ll inevitably keep coming back because they know you’ll fulfill their desires.

3: Deliver Quality and Relevant Content Consistently

Consistency in the quality and frequency of content production is the secret behind content strategy development.

A content strategist will keep you ahead of the game by ensuring you have a full content calendar at the beginning of every marketing campaign. With this, you’ll be on track to produce high-quality, relevant content that’s always infused with value.

For instance, you need not worry about having relevant content up in time for busy seasons such as Christmas. Your strategist will ensure you have this content ready weeks in advance and publish it in time to create the excitement needed around your products to drive more sales.

This timely delivery of content helps to establish you as a thought leader and authority in your industry, which is a strategic move toward your brand’s growth.

4: Promote Cohesiveness Across All Marketing Channels

A content strategist will save you from the chaos of having a variety of unconnected pieces of content across different platforms. They’ll ensure that your content is consistent in quality and voice across all marketing platforms.

There’s no better person to help you define and spread the right narrative for your brand than a content strategist. As mentioned earlier, they help you tell the right stories to your target audience.

The recipe for a cohesive marketing strategy will include:

  • Creating audience-based SEO content for your website
  • Conducting keyword research to help you rank highly on search engines
  • Including relevant keywords in your social media content
  • Using a consistent brand voice across all marketing channels, i.e., blogs and even social media

Checkout CopySmiths Content Strategy Services

If you’re looking to produce great content for your website and social media pages that captures your essence as a brand and communicates it to your target audience effectively, work with a content strategist. 

They’ll help you narrow down your content needs and goals, break them down into actionable chunks, and consistently deliver value-adding content to your audience. 

CopySmiths is the one-stop content shop that does it all for you: content ideation, research, SEO optimization, ideation, quality, control, and publishing. While we focus on blog writing services, we can provide you with a footprint that informs and influences all your other marketing efforts.

“CopySmiths is highly capable at defining the content buckets for our brand, and then rolling out a highly competent execution strategy with thoughtful iteration, supportive graphics, and metadata.” Tom Worcester

Reach out to us today to forget all your content production woes.

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