Four Indicators That It’s Time to Outsource Your Blog Writing

April 20, 2022

What could be so difficult about blog writing? 

This is most likely a question you may have pondered when you first started your website.

However, when you worked on the articles, you realised it wasn’t as simple as you had imagined. You may have learned that blogging requires advanced skills such as:

  • Content creation 
  • SEO blogging 
  • CSS and HTML 
  • Photo editing 
  • Traffic conversion 

Learning these skills as a business owner can take up valuable time. Outsourcing them to employees may cause delays in other responsibilities. You’ve gotten this far by doing it yourself, but you now realise it could be time to outsource.

Today, we’ll look at some challenges you might have that indicate it’s time to hire a professional content writing agency.

1: Little to No Engagement on Your Blogs

Dull blogs experience minimal page visits

The primary purpose of writing blog articles is to increase the traffic to your website. The more people visit your site, the higher the likelihood of creating lasting business relationships. It also increases the chances of converting your visitors into repeat customers.

If your articles receive little to no engagement, then it’s time to outsource to a competent content agency. Some reasons that could lead to zero blog views include:

  • Writing boring and non-relational articles
  • Poorly targeted content with no SEO expertise
  • Your competitor is outsourcing their content to a skilled agency
  • Using unreliable URLs  preventing Google from picking up on your keywords

Here’s an example of a blog article with an interesting, relatable and engaging introduction.

High-quality blog article introduction

If you want accurate engagement figures on your blog, you can use Google Analytics and SEMrush. These tools use metrics that analyse your page’s popularity in the following ways, as shown in the table below:

MetricAnalysis Performed
PageviewsPeople clicking on your blog article
Comments per postPeople engaging with your content
Time on each post and websiteChecks how relatable your content is
Bounce rateHow fast the visitor leaves a page

Successful content agencies also use other technical tools to compare your website with competitors who have more engagement. After that, they tailor-write your blog article to surpass these standards, increasing your chances of outranking the competition.


2: Irregular, Unbalanced Posting

Writing well-researched and engaging content isn’t an easy task if you’re a business owner. Blogging usually takes a back seat as you deal with other crucial business matters. You eventually find that you haven’t posted in weeks or months.

A Demand Metrics study showed that companies who post at least twice a month increase their B2B leads by 67%. To reap these benefits, you have to prioritise blogging by outsourcing to content agencies.

“Marketers who prioritised blogging received 13X more ROI than companies that did not in 2019.” — Hubspot

Irregular blogging can cause you to lose your hard-earned organic search position. Google gives higher positions to websites that post more often.

It’s time to outsource your content if your schedule is extremely tight. The long-term revenue you’ll receive outweighs the expense you’re contemplating adding to your expenditure column.

If your business deals with specific products or services, you may have realised that you have to write about the same ideas repeatedly, creating monotony.

It’s time to outsource if you’ve exhausted your creativity bank. Allow experienced content writers to bring in a fresh outlook to your articles by:

  • Asking interesting questions and transforming them into blog articles
  • Using a new approach and perspective on the articles
  • Using different wording and structure to keep your content fresh and on-topic

3: Lack of Blogging Expertise and Skills

Everyone can write words and form sentences, but not everyone can use words creatively. The stiff competition for page visitors forces companies to use writers with skills that can help to boost their rankings.

If you’ve excellent writing skills, your blog should rank well. But, if your expertise is in your business and not so much in writing, then it’s time to outsource your blog writing.

Blog writing involves structuring the article into sections that keep the reader glued. An excellent article should include:

  • Catchy headlines and subheadings
  • Images
  • Bullet points
  • Infographics
  • Graphs
  • Quotations
  • Short paragraphs

All these elements require time to include, and with your tight schedule and busy employees, it becomes hard to produce such articles. Outsourcing to a creative content agency guarantees you get these benefits included in all your blog articles.

That’s not all; content agencies can assist you to improve your overall website’s ranking. They analyse each page using marketing tools that check the following ranking factors as described in the table below:

Ranking FactorFunction
KeywordsUse specific words that rank better on Google
Traffic sourcesExamine which areas bring in more traffic and focus marketing there
Click-through rateCalculate the number of people who visit a page through organic results or advertisements
Conversion rateHow many people become customers after interacting with your content
Social sharesPeople who thought your article was worthwhile to share on their platforms
BacklinksWho is linking to your website, which improves your authority

4: Lack of a Clear Strategy

How do you plan your writing? Do you wait for an idea to pop up in your mind, or do you map out a long-term strategy?

To avoid dull content, you need to come up with an actionable strategy. Some key points to think about as you devise your plan are:

  • Understand your audience
  • Set clear goals
  • Establish proper time management for your writing and posting
  • Remain consistent and give valuable content every time
  • Define and categorise the type of blog articles you want

If these responsibilities take up most of your time, then it’s time to outsource your blog writing.

“78% of consumers perceive a relationship between themselves and a company using custom content.” — Demand Metric

CopySmiths has over 20 years of experience in blog writing with unmatched techniques that draw visitors to your blog articles that lead to long-term relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Benefits to Outsourcing Blog Writing Over Hiring a Full-Time Writer?

Yes, outsourcing content to a reliable content agency ensures you get various writing styles from different writers. You also save on resources such as full-time employee benefits, equipment and miscellaneous office expenses.

Which Mistakes Do Inexperienced Bloggers Make?

  • Poorly formatted content
  • Choose the wrong topic
  • Not linking to internal pages
  • Poor or overly salesy CTA’s

Why Should I Outsource Content Creation?

Outsourcing content creation helps you to:

  • Free your time to focus on your core business goals
  • Have a higher content marketing return on investment
  • Offer more value to your loyal customers
  • Rank better on Google

Which Content Agency Should I Choose for My Blog?

The best content agency is one with a successful track record of producing high-quality content. You can get a taste of that on their website. They should also be willing to show you their previous work and share verifiable customer testimonials.

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