The 5 Best Reasons to Choose Content Writing Services

March 15, 2021

Many budding businesses scramble to find beautiful logos that will best represent their brand identity. 

These logos are compelling and memorable, sure, but let’s face it — even an above-average graphic won’t move a customer to take profitable action.

Do you want to know what does move customers to action? 

Content writing.

Words command power through interpretative storytelling. They warm up prospects, cozy them, inspire them, and then — when fully simmered — they pounce.

Quality content is one of the best digital tools to leverage, especially in the hands of Google search engine aficionados.

So if your business’s sales prospects are bone-dry or if your business suffers any of the problems below… 

  • Little Blog Content
  • Low Conversions
  • Low Organic Traffic
  • No 1st Page SEO Standing
  • Low Site Engagement Time

… Content writing services may be the investment your business needs in order to turn some serious profit.

Let’s look at five of the best reasons to choose content writing services.

The 5 Best Reasons to Choose Content Writing Services

1: Gets You to the Top of Google Search Results

Landing on top of Google SERPs may seem like wizardry, but the formula is astonishingly simple: quality content always prevails.

It’s true — towering on top of all the hodgepodge are the crowning jewels of impactful and authoritative content.

And the recipe is complex, to say the least.

We’re not kidding when we say nailing down Google SEO algorithms is no simple feat. It requires a constant eye on the dynamic digital landscape.

No busy entrepreneur or CEO has the time nor leisure to evaluate the entire SEO formula and put it into practice. Not a chance. (This is not a challenge, you will lose time and money if you attempt it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Luckily, content writing services do all the heavy lifting in that regard. Content writers are the rugged explorers; the vanguards that have mastered the craft of propelling businesses into organically reaching their market.

Content writing services also know the ins and outs of making original content that passes search engine optimization standards — they pass and etch the SEO formula down through every writer and editor under their organization.

And they’re not lenient about it either.

All writers consistently adhere to strict and standard search engine optimization guidelines. In-house measures are set in place to ensure that nothing but high-conversion, SEO-optimized content is handed over to your business.

So, if you want a surefire way to get your blog or website to the top of Google results pages, a great content writing service can do the job for you.

2: A Highly-Trained Team of Writers That Makes You Money

Reaching the top of search engines is a fruitless endeavor if the reader fails to read the call to action. Or the body of the text. Or the second paragraph.

Content writing agencies are well-aware of this truth, which is why they onboard and train writers that already have a strong portfolio of professional content that sings.

The good thing about this is that our writers love what they do, and it shows in their work. They add passion and flair through their unique writing styles, which translates to personable and relatable branding for your business.

And they do all those things while maintaining clean, discernable English. 

Being a digital space, our crew of writers comes from all around the English-speaking globe. Leveraging a global team of writers can help your business connect with readers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or other parts of the world upon request.

While having a good grasp of English is one thing, writing articulate and emphatic articles is another.

To that, we say: don’t worry about it.

Our content writers undergo rigorous SEO Copywriting Training that provides comprehensive insights on writing the best content. From going in-depth to the SEO optimization of your articles, your business is in the hands of experts.

It’s also possible to ask them to adopt a specific voice that is well-suited to your brand if that’s something you’re in search of. Our content writers are more than capable of switching things up and writing the way your brand best reaches your audience.

Excellent impactful writing turns heads — and content writing services provide that to a T.

3: Quality Content That Is Reviewed Again and Again

Rest assured that our writers are some of the best at what they do.

But remember — to err is human. Our writers are human. Just like me and you… maybe.

Every now and then they might use an improper article. Or construct an overly verbose sentence. Or worse, type a typo.

But fret not. No typo or overly complex sentence structure will ever see the light of day if you consider content writing services.

We have a team of experienced native-level English editors that manually go over each article to ensure top quality.

Yes, each and every letter, word, and sentence gets painfully scrutinized by editors to come out amazing and professionally written. (Even these ones — greetings from the editor!)

Not only that, but the content writer also has the freedom to take any available article topics in the queue, giving them space to be creative.

What this means for you is hot and unique content, freshly served. Great for business!

4: In-House Writers Can Be Inconsistent

“Anyone can write good content,” said no successful businessman ever.

If that were true, why else would millions of people flock over books that specialize in well-written content? Or spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to make email sales campaigns?

What we’re getting at is that compelling writing is not a skill anyone can possess at the start.

Hiring an amateur to write up bumbling copies for you won’t translate into sales. And if you think you’re being smart trying to game the system by hiring a cheap freelancer off of freelancer platforms, prepare to be thoroughly disappointed.

In fact, hiring an amateur or a non-professional writer can lead to grayscale writing that can be more trouble than it’s worth.

At best, it’s an extra, sunk cost.

At worst, it taints your business brand for good.

Don’t cheap out on bad, amateur writing. For your business’s sake.

5: Busy Business Owners Don’t Have Time For Blog Writing

Businessmen and women don’t have the time to think or type out words for hours on end.

They are better off concerning themselves with improving their organization or closing deals with clients and prospects.

Writing takes a huge toll on your mental energy and time — take it from us.

Our writers can write up to two long-form articles a day, full-time. Three if they’re really pushing it.

Imagine that — three posts from a highly-trained professional. What more if it was an average person?

For that reason alone, letting someone else write for you can take a huge load off your shoulders.

We won’t sugarcoat it. It’s tedious and brain-numbing work for people who haven’t been trained to write commercially.

If you want to save time and focus on other matters while promoting your enterprise, you can’t go wrong choosing content writing services.

So, Where Can I Find a High-Quality Content Writing Service?

Great question!

The Internet is a strange, yet beautiful place; it has millions of influencers and services that you can collaborate with to promote your business.

But not all of them have their hands on a winning formula.

Here at CopySmiths, we provide excellent customized original content that conveys your business’s story the way YOU want.

Whether you represent a savvy new startup or a high-ticket digital SaaS platform, the beauty of content marketing is that it is prevalent and applicable to any business.

Ready to get unique content that scales? Book us now.

Katrina McKinnon


I'm Katrina McKinnon, founder of CopySmiths and Small Revolution. In my 20 years of experience, I have helped online businesses create high-performing content specifically on an eCommerce store's blog. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.