Content Types

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Product & Service Discovery Content

Familiarize your customers with your products and services via guides, listicles, and other informational pieces. Through this content, customers can learn about the features, benefits, and applications of your offerings, assisting them in making informed purchase decisions.

This type of content can also help potential customers understand why your products or services could be the solution they’re looking for, thereby driving conversions and business growth.


A listicle is a form of written content that presents information in a list format, often with additional commentary or insights accompanying each point. This could include “Top 10” lists, step-by-step guides, or collections of tips, among others.

Listicles are highly effective for several reasons:

  1. Ease of Reading: In an era of information overload, listicles break down complex information into bite-sized, digestible pieces, making it easier for readers to understand and retain the information.
  2. Scannability: Many readers skim articles rather than reading them in full. Listicles cater to this reading style by allowing readers to quickly scan the key points and delve deeper into the ones they find most interesting.
  3. Shareability: Due to their concise and engaging format, listicles are often highly shareable, which can increase their reach on social media and other platforms.
  4. Versatility: Listicles can cover a broad range of topics and can be used to inform, entertain, or inspire, making them a versatile tool in your content strategy.

When it comes to brand recognition, listicles can be designed to reflect your brand’s unique voice and perspective, making your content—and by extension, your brand—more memorable.


Buyers Guides

Buyers Guides position your business as a helpful resource and trusted advisor, which enhances customer trust and loyalty; two incredibly important factors in today’s post-AI world.

Each guide outlines key product features, benefits, testimonials, considerations, and offer comparisons between different options.

Simplify complex buying decisions and encourage more sales.


Gift Guides

Gift Guides are curated lists of your products for specific occasions, seasons or recipients. They have proven to be valuable inspiration for gift ideas.

With the right promotional strategy, Gift Guides will attract new customers, enhance customer loyalty, and amplify your brand’s presence, especially during peak gift-giving seasons.


How To Guides

Have a complex product, or just need to help customers see the value and benefits of your product? How To Guides offer detailed instructional content that provides easy-to-follow guidance on how to use your product, or overcome a challenge.

From a brand engagement perspective, How To Guides are incredibly valuable. They demonstrate your brand’s expertise and knowledge in your industry, thereby enhancing your credibility and authority.

Well-crafted How To Guides are often shared and can significantly boost audience engagement and brand visibility.


Ultimate Guides

As the name suggests, it’s a comprehensive, in-depth piece of content that deeply covers a specific topic. It’s a one-stop resource for your audience, providing extensive information and actionable advice.

Ultimate Guides boost brand engagement by demonstrating your expertise, answering audience queries, and serving as a valuable resource that readers return to time and again.

Because of their comprehensive nature, these articles are often shared within the community, referenced in discussions, and linked from other sites (yay for free backlink!), driving engagement and interaction around your brand.


Cost Of Guides

Some products are more complex than others, particularly when it comes to costs. A Cost Of Guide is the perfect solution, offering a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with your product, service, or process, offering valuable insight to potential customers.

This type of content is an excellent tool for brand engagement as it positions you as being transparent and customer-centric.


Product Comparisons

We love this content type. It’s super-useful for helping a customer understand the difference between the P-2300 and the P-2310. Which one should they buy? Which one has the little dongle thing? I think you know what we mean!

Product Comparison Articles provide an in-depth analysis of different products, comparing their features, benefits, prices, and technical specifications.

By presenting objective and informative comparisons, you can position your brand as a trustworthy and helpful resource for potential buyers. This can drive engagement as readers might share these articles within their networks or return to your site for more insights.


Product Launch Announcements

Powerful content for driving brand engagement during key moments of business growth, Product Launch Announcements offer an exciting peek into your brand’s latest offerings, creating anticipation and buzz.

Interactive elements like countdowns, sneak peeks, or user-generated content campaigns can further enhance audience engagement, transforming your followers into active participants in your product launch.

Product Tutorials

Product Tutorial Articles are detailed, step-by-step guides designed to help customers understand how to effectively use a specific product.

These tutorials break down complex processes into easily digestible instructions, simplifying the user’s experience with the product.


‘Top 10’ Product Features Lists

By succinctly showcasing the top ten features of your offerings, these lists provide a quick, digestible overview that can help potential customers understand your product’s value and how it addresses their needs or solves their problems.

They can easily be shared on social media or in email marketing campaigns, increasing your brand’s reach. Additionally, they give you the opportunity to differentiate your brand from competitors by emphasizing the unique features of your product.

Product History and Evolution Articles

This type of content positively affects brand awareness by revealing the story behind your product, making your brand more memorable.Storytelling can provoke emotional responses, making your brand more relatable and human, which can in turn foster customer loyalty and advocacy. The unique narratives in these articles can also be a point of differentiation, helping your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

‘Sneak Peek’ Articles for Upcoming Products

A ‘Sneak Peek’ article offers audiences an exclusive preview of an upcoming product before its official launch.

These articles generate excitement and anticipation by revealing key features, benefits, and unique selling points of the new product, often complemented by exclusive images or videos.

Customer Education & Support Content

Specifically designed to inform, educate, and assist customers throughout their journey with your brand, this content includes addressing frequently asked questions, explaining complex concepts or terminologies, providing statistical data for informed decision making, and offering step-by-step guides.

The primary aim of this category is to provide immediate value to customers, resolve their concerns, enhance their understanding of your products or services, and empower them to use your offerings effectively.

A proactive approach helps build customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term engagement with your brand.

Mega FAQs

These comprehensive resources collate and answer numerous frequently asked questions on a given topic related to your brand or industry.

Mega FAQs enhance brand awareness by improving your website’s SEO. When your answers match the queries people are searching for, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher.

This increases visibility, driving more traffic to your website, and expanding your brand’s reach.


Glossary of Industry Terms

A Glossary of Industry Terms is a comprehensive collection of specific jargon, terminologies, or technical words used in your industry, along with their definitions.

For customers it serves as a handy resource, helping them understand industry-specific terms that are commonly used in your content or the wider field.

With a Glossary of Industry Terms, you’re effectively providing value to your audience, making their interaction with your brand or industry smoother and more enriching, thereby enhancing brand recognition.

Batch of 60+ = $57 each Term
Batch of 100+ = $52 each Term
Batch of 200+ = $47 each Term

Terms are usually between 80 to 500 words each, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. It varies throughout the entire Glossary.

You will receive a list of 100s of Terms related to your industry/niche, then choose how many you would like us to create and publish.

Everything is included from Terminology suggestions, quality control, editing and images, right through to the creation of all new Terminology pages on your website.


Statistics Articles

A well-researched statistics article can increase brand recognition and authority in several ways.

By offering high-quality, insightful data, your brand becomes associated with valuable, trusted information. This boosts your brand’s reputation and credibility, making you a go-to source for insights within your industry.

Statistics articles are highly shareable. People often reference statistical data in their own content because it lends authority and supports their points.

If your statistics article provides unique, valuable data, other content creators, bloggers, or journalists are likely to link to your article. These free backlinks not only drive direct traffic to your website but also improve your SEO rankings, making your website more visible to new potential customers.


Hub &
Spoke Content

The “hub” is a cornerstone piece – typically a long-form, detailed piece of content such as a comprehensive guide or a pillar page. 

The “spokes” are smaller, related pieces of content that delve into subtopics of the main theme and link back to the hub.

The consistent linking between the hub and spoke content increases your website’s SEO performance. 

Search engines see the internal linking as a sign of a well-structured and authoritative website, boosting your visibility in search results, and thus raising brand recognition.

Facts Round-Ups

These articles are often a collection of insights, statistics, and data points that provide valuable knowledge to the reader.

Facts Round-Up articles provide bite-sized information that readers can easily share on their social media platforms or in conversations, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Checklist Articles

Checklist Articles are an effective type of content that breaks down complex tasks or processes into a series of manageable steps. Each item on the checklist is a clear, actionable point that readers can tick off as they complete it, making the content highly practical and easy to follow.

This type of content helps readers by providing them with a clear roadmap for accomplishing a particular goal or task, saving them time and reducing confusion or overwhelm. It’s especially useful for complex tasks that require careful planning or a specific sequence of steps.


Template Round-Ups

Template Round-Up Articles are comprehensive collections of customizable, pre-formatted documents that are designed to simplify a specific task or process for the reader.

These could include anything from resume templates for job seekers, to business plan templates for entrepreneurs, or design templates for creatives.

By offering an assortment of valuable, ready-to-use templates, you demonstrate your brand’s understanding of your audience’s needs and your commitment to providing practical solutions.

This not only positions your brand as a resourceful and user-centric entity, but it also makes your content highly shareable.

When users find your templates useful, they are likely to share the round-up article with others, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility and recognition.

Moreover, each template presents an opportunity to subtly incorporate your branding elements, such as color scheme, logo, or tagline. This consistent visual identity across templates can further enhance brand recognition.



For readers, Troubleshooting Guides offer immediate value as they provide practical, actionable assistance in dealing with problems that may otherwise cause frustration or dissatisfaction.

These guides can significantly improve the user experience by reducing the time and effort spent on dealing with issues.

For a brand, these guides are an excellent tool for building brand recognition and trust. When customers find solutions to their problems through your guides, they perceive your brand as an expert and reliable source of information.

This positive experience not only boosts your brand’s reputation but also encourages repeat visits and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Product Maintenance Guides

These guides often include step-by-step procedures, troubleshooting solutions, and best practices to keep a recently purchased product in optimal condition.

These guides enhance customer satisfaction and experience post-purchase. By helping customers properly maintain their products, you extend the product’s life and enhance its performance, which directly impacts the user’s perception of its value.

From a brand recognition perspective, well-crafted Product Maintenance Guides position your brand as one that is customer-centric and committed to providing value beyond the point of sale. They reinforce your brand image as one that cares about the longevity of its products and the satisfaction of its customers.

‘Did You Know?’ Informational Guides

‘Did You Know?’ Informational Guides are intriguing pieces of content that uncover surprising facts, lesser-known insights, or interesting trivia about a particular topic.

For example, a ‘Did You Know?’ guide for a shoe store could cover topics such as the history of certain types of shoes, fascinating facts about shoe manufacturing processes, or surprising insights about shoe care and maintenance. For instance, a guide might start with “Did you know that high heels were originally designed for men in the 15th century?”

By regularly sharing such guides, your brand consistently provides value and engages the reader’s curiosity, making them more likely to return for more insights and share these interesting tidbits with others.

Over time, this builds your reputation as a knowledgeable and engaging source of information in your industry, increasing brand recognition.

Brand Authority & Trust Building Content

Designed to showcase your brand’s expertise, knowledge, and leadership in its industry, this type of content fosters trust with your audience by demonstrating your command over the subject matter and industry trends, thereby enhancing your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Whether through insightful articles, research studies, thought leadership pieces, or well-crafted email series, this content underscores your authority in your field, making your brand a go-to resource for reliable information.

Thought Leadership Articles

By publishing thought leadership articles, your brand establishes itself as an authority in its field, demonstrating a deep understanding of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.

This increases brand recognition as readers associate your brand with expert insights and reliable information.

For the reader, thought leadership articles are incredibly valuable. They provide a level of analysis or insight that goes beyond the surface, helping readers gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Article Optimisation

Article Optimisation includes making your content more engaging and valuable for your readers. This could mean ensuring clarity of information, incorporating compelling visuals, addressing the needs and questions of your audience, and providing actionable insights.

By offering well-optimised, high-quality content, you’re more likely to attract and retain readers, foster trust, and establish your brand as a go-to resource in your industry. This not only enhances brand recognition but also builds a loyal and engaged audience.

Limited Email Series

A Limited Email Series allows readers to subscribe to a sequence of emails on a specific topic, via a blog article.

By signing up, the reader gains access to a series of specially curated content delivered directly to their inbox, providing them with deeper insights or exclusive information not available elsewhere.

You’ll be able to maintain a consistent presence in the subscriber’s inbox, keeping your brand top-of-mind. The regular email touchpoints serve as a reminder of your brand’s expertise and the valuable content you provide.

For the reader, signing up for the Limited Email Series can offer immense value. They receive a wealth of information organized in a manageable, sequential manner, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Content Upgrades

Content Upgrades are valuable additional resources or bonus content that complement or enhance an existing piece of content. They are typically offered within a blog post or an article in exchange for a reader’s email address or other contact information.

Examples of content upgrades could include downloadable checklists, templates, e-books, white papers, or even exclusive videos related to the topic of the original content.

Content upgrades increase brand recognition by providing readers with high-value, relevant content that goes beyond the initial offering. When done well, they position your brand as an expert and reliable source of comprehensive information in your industry. This not only helps to deepen the engagement with your audience, but also leaves a lasting impression, making your brand more memorable.

For the reader, content upgrades offer several benefits. They provide in-depth, useful information that can help readers better understand a topic or implement what they’ve learned. They can also save readers time and effort by providing ready-to-use templates or guides. These additional resources, tailored to the reader’s needs, can significantly enhance their learning experience and provide immediate value.

Shopping Days Emails

Shopping Days Emails are a form of communication specifically designed around notable shopping days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, seasonal sales, or other major retail events.

These emails usually contain valuable information like exclusive deals, product recommendations, gift ideas, or early access privileges related to the upcoming shopping event.

Press Releases

Press releases play a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition by regularly keeping your business in the public eye.

Each release represents an opportunity to highlight your company’s unique offerings or accomplishments, positioning you as a leader in your industry.

This consistent exposure helps solidify your brand in the minds of potential customers and stakeholders.

Guest Posts

From a brand recognition perspective, guest posting offers a chance for your brand to reach new audiences that you might not otherwise have access to.

It places your content and brand name in front of readers who might not be familiar with you, thereby broadening your reach.

For the reader, guest posts provide fresh insights, different perspectives, and additional value. They get to learn from a new voice and possibly gain exposure to a topic, product, or service they weren’t aware of.

‘Behind the Scenes’
Blog Posts

‘Behind the Scenes’ Blog Posts provide an insider’s look into the operations, culture, or processes of your business. They may reveal how products are made, show a day in the life of an employee, or share the story behind a new product launch.

This form of content is invaluable for humanizing your brand, making it more relatable and approachable to your audience.

By offering an inside view, ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts foster a sense of transparency and authenticity, qualities that are increasingly important to modern consumers.

These posts help to establish a more personal connection between your brand and your readers, making them feel like valued insiders.

‘How-To’ Guides

‘How-To’ Guides are step-by-step instructions designed to assist readers in accomplishing a specific task or overcoming a particular challenge.

These guides break down complex processes into manageable steps, providing clear and concise instructions, often accompanied by visual aids for better understanding.

‘How-To’ Guides can significantly contribute to brand recognition by showcasing your brand’s expertise and willingness to assist your audience.

They demonstrate that your brand is knowledgeable in its field, and they serve as valuable resources that readers can refer back to repeatedly.

Engagement & Community Building Content

This content focuses on sparking meaningful interactions with and among your audience. It’s designed to create a dynamic and active community around your brand, encouraging dialogue, collaboration, and sharing.

This type of content often includes interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, contests, user-generated content, and social media discussions.

It’s about forging connections, driving engagement, and fostering a sense of belonging within your audience, thereby transforming them from passive consumers to active participants and brand advocates.

Mega Photo Galleries

A Mega Photo Gallery is a comprehensive collection of high-quality images, often showcasing a range of products, services, events, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of a business.

The images can provide an immersive, visual experience that conveys your brand’s story, aesthetic, and values in a more immediate and visceral way than text alone.

A Mega Photo Gallery can offer valuable visual information about products or services, helping customers make informed decisions.

Seeing multiple images of a product from various angles or in different settings can give potential customers a better understanding of its features and uses.

Resource Round-Ups

Resource Round-Ups are curated collections of valuable resources, typically focused around a specific theme or topic. These could include a mix of external links to high-quality articles, videos, tools, or internal links to your own relevant content.

A well-curated Resource Round-Up serves as a one-stop-shop for readers seeking comprehensive information on a specific topic, saving them time and effort in finding quality resources independently.

By linking out to other reputable sources, you can foster positive relationships within your industry, which can lead to reciprocal linking or sharing, further increasing your brand visibility

Expert Round-Ups

Expert Round-ups are a type of content where insights, tips, or opinions are gathered from industry experts or influencers on a specific topic. This collection of diverse perspectives and expertise is then compiled into a single piece, offering readers a comprehensive overview of the topic at hand.

From a reader’s perspective, an expert round-up offers immense value as it aggregates wisdom from a variety of credible sources in one place. It saves them time from searching for information from individual sources, and gives them a more well-rounded understanding of the topic.

In terms of increasing brand recognition, expert round-ups can be highly effective. By involving industry influencers or experts, you can leverage their existing follower base for wider content reach. When these experts share your round-up with their own audience, your brand is exposed to a larger and often new audience.

Quizzes & Polls

Quizzes & Polls engage your audience in a fun, participatory way by asking your audience a series of questions to test their knowledge, gather their opinions, or help them discover something new about themselves or a subject of interest.

For your business, quizzes and polls can significantly increase brand recognition as they are shared on social media platforms, driving new traffic to your store, or social media profiles.

For readers, quizzes and polls offer a refreshing break from traditional content by offering insights, personalized recommendations, or simply entertainment.


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