The Key Roles in Successful Content Teams

May 17, 2021

Content marketing plays an important role in the growth of businesses. More than 70% of business marketers use content marketing strategies to sell products and services.

To do this, you need a content marketing team to draw up a content strategy suitable for your business.

However, is it advisable to piece together a new team for content marketing? Or could the content marketing institute be a solution to creating content?

Whichever way you choose to look at it, the bottom line is this — quality content is done by professionals.

Many companies look to improve their content strategy by improving their own staff,  but this can be quite challenging to do in a bid to boost content marketing efforts.

With this in mind, outsourcing the job to the right team may be the way to go —  something that could also be key in creating effective content for your audience.

At CopySmiths, you can get this done at affordable prices. Here are some of the key roles in a content marketing team.

Content Marketing Team

The Chief Content Officer (CCO)

The role of a Chief Content Officer, also known as a Content Strategist, in content marketing teams is important. This individual handles the blueprint of the entire content strategy.

Selling the brand vision to clients is a major feature of their role as leaders in the organization.

This helps to measure the growth of the brand. Furthermore, it also improves the quality, distribution, development, and publishing of content.

But that’s not all — the content marketing success of a company is dependent on the strategy adopted by the CCO.

What’s more?

They supervise the content process with good organization and people-management skills.

The content strategist also looks out for attributes other than skills, since skills alone are not enough to convey a brand’s message.

Thus, in the stages of recruiting team members, the focus is on having soft skills. Personality, the attitude to work, and drive is important.


  • Supervises the content marketing program of every content strategy.
  • Stays up-to-date with content marketing news.
  • Finds ways to improve brands and businesses with effective content.
  • Maintains the team structure, monitors productivity, and assigns tasks to each member.


  • A good understanding of content marketing to achieve brand goals.
  • Emotional intelligence to coordinate and instruct team members.
  • Ability to track the content schedule and leverage opportunities for content jobs.

The Content Editor

In any successful content team, the Content Editors play the key role of continuity. Sometimes referred to as Managing Editors, these individuals act as a bridge in the team.

They tailor every piece of content to meet the clients’ needs. Besides that, they ensure workflow among team members.

It’s not enough to get the job through the door or deliver exquisite content. What’s more important is that the content meets the style guide in the article brief. 

As often seen in teams, a content writer works with these individuals. Sometimes, they consult the content strategists for the approval of articles before publishing. 

To sum it all up, the role of the Managing Editor in the content team is essential to the marketing strategy. 


  • Handles content management and publishes the finished articles to ensure continuity.
  • Ensures on-page optimization of the content provided.
  • Proofreads and double-checks sentence structures, grammar, and spelling.


  • Ability to format content based on guidelines, and ability to schedule activities.
  • On-page content optimization and ensuring the appropriate use of keywords. 
  • Edit content to suit brand style or voice.

The Content Writers

Content Writers are as important as other members of a team in a content marketing agency. In content marketing, there are many writers on the team.


Because there are a lot of writing tasks to complete before deadlines.

Writers do not feature in team leadership, but they do play a vital role in spinning the wheels.

There would be no content without writing.

With that in mind, the content marketing strategy also depends on writing skills — to create a piece of content, the writer must know how to write.

Besides that, writers format, edit, and proofread content before submission. Once done, the Content Editor receives the content and reviews it.

The Content Writers ensure that the written content reflects the brands’ voice and style, and so should understand what the clients want before creating content.


  • Gather information from sources relevant to the given topic.
  • Format content by including headlines, headings, paragraphs, and numbered lists.
  • Develop content that matches the brand voice and promotes the desired values.


  • Ability to research and gather information from relevant sources.
  • Ability to write according to the outline provided.
  • Brainstorming ideas and conveying the brand’s message in the content.
  • Good writing skills and an ability to write plagiarism-free content.

Implications of a Poor Content Team

Every good content team works hand-in-hand to produce results. The actions and inactions of team members may be detrimental to progress.

First, people with specific skill sets make up all content teams. To this end, the harmony of the team improves efficiency and boosts productivity.

In some cases, new or poor content teams usually leave a dent in the growth of your business.

Have you considered the impact of bad content on your brand?

The consequences of such content affect your revenue, reputation, and customer base.

Some clients understand the implications of terrible content, but it’s still quite unfortunate to receive poor content after paying lots of money.

To avoid such bad investments, you should use the services of established teams.

CopySmiths can help you create quality content for your business.

For new brands, it’s better to kick-off with good content, rather than half-baked content.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure.


Have you encountered any difficulties with content creation in your business? Are you struggling with creating content as a start-up marketing firm?

Then outsourcing those writing tasks may be the right way to go. 

It can be exciting to form a new content team, but it’s important to keep in mind that even with skilled individuals, there is still some risk involved.

With this in mind, outsourcing the content production process makes business more enjoyable for you. 

Knowing that you have an established team working with you brings a sense of calm. 

So, why invest in a new team when you can pay less to a reputable content team in the business?

With this alternative, you always win in the area of content creation.

Several businesses also connect with the informa plc for services. The informa plc provides services vital to content marketing success. 

Within the informa plc, the informa connect division provides innovative services for brands. 

The informa plc has its head office located at 5 Howick Place, London, SW1P 1WG, UK. 

The benefits of outsourcing your content include:

  • Greater  efficiency
  • Increased  productivity
  • Accountability
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased revenue
  • Competitive advantage

If you are looking to outsource your content, take a look at the affordable content pricing at CopySmiths.

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