Does Your Business Need Blog Writing Services? Yes, Here’s Why

September 14, 2021

You’ve seen tons of businesses create and share blog content. But you have a critical mind—you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment or if it’s just another fad.

As a business owner, you must ensure you’re not just paying for trumpery. To be honest, blog writing services might sound like it.

But they aren’t. At least, not in most cases.

There’s a lot of money to be made from blogging if you play your cards right.

The first thing you need to understand is why blog content pays off.

We’ll explain how it attracts and retains customers and help you decide if you should pay for professional writing services.

You’ll learn exactly what an expert blog writer can do for your business—things that, probably, you don’t have the time to.

Why Should You Invest in Blogging? Here Are Four Main Reasons​

Hiring good blog writers can be pricey. But it’s an investment rather than an expense.

Still, most small business owners don’t see it that way, mainly because they don’t understand how blog content turns into dollars.

Quick Fact: 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers or clients specifically through blogging.

This might help you understand how blogging makes you money. 

Need further explanation? Here’s a list of four ways in which a blog can help your business.

Attract New Customers by Offering Solutions

When your audience has a problem, they turn to Google (or other search engines) for solutions. The more solutions you give customers, the likelier they are to buy from you.

They’ll trust you with their problems. They’ll believe you can make life easier.

There are two types of solution-driven blog articles:

  1. articles that provide solutions
  2. articles that announce solutions

Let’s illustrate this with two examples:

14 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page More Engaging7 More Databox Integrations Now Support Custom Date Ranges

In the first article, Databox solves a problem. A reader with a boring LinkedIn company page is given 14 quick, actionable tips for making it more appealing. 

In the second example, Databox announces new integrations. They aren’t solving a problem. Instead, they’re promoting their solutions through high-quality content.

Cultivate Your Community by Keeping People Engaged

Once you attract new people to your website, you must keep them engaged so they don’t forget about you. Makes sense, right?

Regular blogging helps remind them of your brand. Plus, if you consistently provide relevant content, people will begin to anticipate what you’ll publish next.

Neil Patel does this perfectly.

He’s positioned himself as an authority on SEO, digital marketing, and similar topics. People can’t wait to hear his opinion or advice.

One of his recent posts garnered 40 comments, which is pretty rare these days.

People use the opportunity to ask the SEO guru questions. Patel uses it to form relationships.

It’s a win-win situation, and it’s how you get a loyal community.

Establish Expertise Through In-Depth Content

Blogging helps you establish yourself as an industry leader. It engrains your name in your audience’s mind.

Whenever they think of your industry, they’ll think of you.

When they finally need a product or service you’re offering, they won’t go to your competitors. At least not immediately.

They’ll first visit your website and browse your products.

Hootsuite is a great example of how an SEO blog can make your audience think you’re the only—or the best—option out there.

If you don’t know, Hootsuite is a social media management tool. It’s the one tool everyone uses when they’re starting out with social media marketing.

These things don’t happen by accident.

Hootsuite has been publishing only the best content since day one. They post engaging, in-depth articles on topics related to social media.

Build Your Brand Through Distinct Content

Creating unique content will help your brand stand out. You can weave your brand personality and values into it.

Jay Shetty is a great example of someone who understood this and used distinct content to build his brand.

He started his blog to reveal what he learned while living as a MONK. How many other people are former monks turned writers? Not many.

Shetty counted on this. He catapulted himself to success by discussing topics in a way virtually no one else can.

Should You Hire Professional Blog Writers or Write Content Yourself?

There are certainly some advantages to creating content for your blog yourself:

  • You’ll save money. You’ll avoid paying for professional content writing services. 
  • You could create high-authority content. As an expert on the subject matter, you probably have insider insights to share with your audience. General blog writers that don’t have your expertise may create weaker content.
  • You’ll learn new skills. While creating content, you’ll learn more about blog writing, content marketing, and SEO. These skills will come in handy even if you hire writers in the end. You’ll be able to better assess their writing.

With that said, content creation is never easy. It requires a lot of effort and learning through trial and error.

Not paying for blog writing services could end up costing you more in the long run.

Let me break down why.

Content Writing Companies Offer You SEO Services

A high-quality blog writing service always includes SEO, i.e. optimizing your content for search engine rankings.

This is just as important as your writing. Yet, many business owners are completely clueless when it comes to SEO.

This is a huge problem. Without SEO, your blog simply isn’t profitable.

If your content isn’t optimized, you won’t have any organic traffic.

If you don’t have any organic traffic, you need to drive it with social media promotion or paid advertising.

And if you use these tactics, you’ll spend more money (and time) than if you just hired SEO writers in the first place.

This is the main reason why outsourcing writing pays off, given that you’re working with good writing agencies.

You’ll Get High-Quality Content Each Time

If you choose good writers, you’ll get well-written, engaging content each time. This might not be the case if you write the content yourself.

Expert blog writers spent years honing their skills. It wouldn’t be reasonable to think that you could write equally well, would it?

Also, some writers offer unlimited revisions. They’ll alter content until you think it’s perfect.

That’s something you can’t do yourself, no matter how much you want to. You have too many other things on your plate.

Infinite revisions are simply not an option, and in-depth research may not be either.

You’ll Get Your Time Back

There’s a lot more that goes into blogging than just article writing. You need to do:

  • keyword research 
  • topic research 
  • content marketing planning
  • content calendar upkeep

I could add other things here as well, like creating graphics and including external links to get more SEO juice.

As a business owner, you have enough time-consuming responsibilities as it is. Content creation doesn’t have to be one of them.

Professional Blog Writing Service Does Pay Off

Viewing outsourcing writing as an expense is wrong. Rather, think of it as an investment that pays off in the long run.

Expert content writers save you hours you’d spend just learning the ropes. Let alone actually researching, writing, optimizing, and editing your content… 

Besides that, good content drives sales. Not only does it help attract new customers, but also retain old ones and ensure repeat business. 

Need more information before you outsource writing? Learn How to Find the Right Writer for Your Outsourced Blogging Needs.

Katrina McKinnon


I'm Katrina McKinnon, founder of CopySmiths and Small Revolution. In my 20 years of experience, I have helped online businesses create high-performing content specifically on an eCommerce store's blog. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.