How Much Do Blogging Services Cost? Are They Worth the Investment?

March 28, 2022

Your online business likely has a website with a blog section.

Who runs it, though? Is it an overworked employee who checks off tasks, or a person with content production proficiency?

The answer determines whether the website brings in customers, or wastes valuable space and actively harms your image.

Of course, writers can be pricey, so owners might feel that such expenses will only harm their ventures in the long run.

But despite the hefty investment, cooperating with high-quality blogging services is well-worth the hundreds or even thousands of dollars put into them. It raises brand awareness, improves your image, and increases your revenue. 

You need some information before getting started. This guide will cover:

  • Average blogging service costs
  • Freelancers vs. content companies
  • Tangible benefits of professional writers

The Costs of Blogging Services

You’re looking at a massive pay range when hiring writers, with costs of $5–$100 or more for the same post.

There are two reasons for this discrepancy. The first is industry-specific—specialized fields and niches require greater proficiency and cost more.

You have two options here:

  • Freelance content writers
  • Professional content agencies

Freelance Copywriters

Freelancers tend to be cheaper and more straightforward (at least initially). They might charge as little as $0.01 per word!

That’s a steal, but it comes with its disadvantages. Very cheap writers might submit low-quality writing full of plagiarism and grammatical errors—publishing such a piece works against your reputation. 

It’s better, therefore, to cooperate with a trustworthy copywriter with years of experience and relevant samples. They might charge:

  • $0.05–$1.50 per word
  • $14–$38 per hour

Maintain a long-term relationship with them, perhaps even by bringing them in. That’s the only way to make more than minimal, short-term gains from this arrangement.

If you’d like to increase the benefits and convenience of outsourcing, you’re better off with content agencies.

Content Production Agencies

Professional content agencies are the perfect way to vet inadequate writers while setting yourself up with a professional, long-term arrangement. 

These companies tackle basic corporate matters, such as onboarding employees, assigning tasks, and managing deadline extensions. You place orders and get finished pieces, polished and prepared for publishing.

In addition, many of these companies—CopySmiths included—offer comprehensive packages for clients, with a full strategy, complete with publishing and quality assurance.

Prices depend on rank, topic type, and scope of work. The table below outlines the averages you might expect.

Payment PlanExpected Costs
Pay per hour
$35 to $150
Pay per word
$0.03 to $3 
Pay per post
$50 to $200

Note: These plans often cover proofreader and editor fees. These services increase your overall costs, but also streamline the workflow and guarantee greater quality.

Are Blogging Services Worth the Investment?

You already know that you need writers, but how much should you invest?

Price isn’t always an indicator of quality, but the two correlate. Hiring skillful bloggers is worth every cent of the investment, while shoddy writers don’t deserve your time and attention.

Let’s break down the practical benefits.

Professional Writing Skills

Experienced content writers deliver exceptional text.

Most freelancers you find online know the basics of grammar and spelling, but commercial writing escapes them. They might beat around the bush or get too salesy, driving off potential customers visiting your page.

On the other hand, well-versed authors know how to fit your brand, achieve the goal and intent, and encourage people to stick around. These professionals engage human readers, provide relevant answers, and convey authority. They know the importance of segmenting information, illustrating points, and producing gripping introductions; all reasons customers are likely to stay on your site.

blog post introduction

Source: CopySmiths

There’s still more to expert blog production than communicating value and authority. People have to discover your website. That’s why SEO is a staple tool of top-tier content writers.

SEO Optimization

The online business landscape is demanding. Writing willy-nilly and hoping that the right people read your posts no longer cuts it. Optimization is a key component of getting noticed by internet users.

Search engine optimization (SEO) practices help online businesses grab the attention of Google, and therefore, the people doing the googling. 

Hiring industry professionals guarantees that every aspect of your blog, from its topics to the very words used, works to improve your standing.

Write well enough and employ the right practices, and your site will be the first thing to pop up when a person searches a topic—perhaps even become the featured snippet!

Publishing SEO-optimized articles helps you reach audiences, expand your reach, and turn visitors into customers.

Easier Content Management

You’re a company owner, not a writer or SEO expert. You can’t waste valuable hours learning the tenants of this industry, researching, and writing blogs by yourself.

So, you delegate.

Individual writers might deal with suggesting topics, planning a strategy, and writing. That’s already a load off your shoulders, but it’s even easier with a proper agency. Most names in this field manage the following:

  • Topic selection
  • Outlining
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Publishing

And voila; things are flowing much more smoothly. You’re issuing posts that get you noticed by people and search engines, and you’re stress-free and more focused on running your business.

Outsourcing for Business Growth

In the end, blogging services are a worthwhile investment. The prices vary, but you can find a plan that fits your overall budget and makes more money than it costs.

Now that you know why good bloggers matter and how much it costs to get them, there’s only one more step to take: Find a good company that promotes growth.

CopySmiths is one such company and we know what companies need and exactly how to provide it. Schedule a consultation to start with business practices that serve.

“Content creation is a significant part of our marketing strategy, so we searched for an affordable writing service and found CopySmiths a great fit.” Oliver Stasinszky, LiveAgent

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are blogs important for my online business?

An online company can’t stick to word-of-mouth marketing and ad space purchases. You need a strong online presence to make customers come to you.

Blogs play a two-fold purpose in this regard:

  • Helping your website rank high in search results
  • Conveying quality to accidental and repeat visitors

Publishing excellent blogs helps you to seem dedicated, reliable, and real; traits loved by people and search engines.

What are blogging services?

Blogging agencies cover a broad scope of content for marketing purposes. Hiring one sets you up with the following services:

  • Blog production, proofreading, and editing
  • SEO optimization of new and existing text
  • Regular writing and publishing schedules
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Affiliate writing and advertising

These services blend into a strong PR campaign that increases your traffic and sales.

Who should I hire for blogging?

Choose writers according to your model, budget, and readiness to commit to a long-term strategy. However, whomever you end up hiring, make sure they offer:

  • Experience in your industry and niche
  • Strategic planning of your marketing
  • Search engine optimization skills

It pays to pay more if that means getting these traits in your third-party agency.

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