10 of the Best About Us Pages You Need to See Before Making Your Own

November 8, 2022

Take a quick peek at your Google Analytics. Most eCommerce store owners, like yourself, do that all the time, don’t they?

Google Analytics will most probably show you that the Homepage is your most visited page. But next in line is most likely your About Us page.

Why is that? Why do people go to the page that doesn’t show your products or services, but talks about you and your company?

Well, your About Us page is where you build trust and anchor your eCommerce store in the real world.

The Internet is abstract. The entire concept of a web store is abstract. If you are good at what you do, you have built your brand image around your product – that’s also abstract.

More precisely, it’s not tangible.

People don’t know you. They only know what they see on your website. That can make them a bit reluctant to buy from you and to enter their credit card details.

An About Us page is the perfect space where you can show them that you really exist and that your store is a real, live store – only online.

Make Your About Us Page Do More for Your Business

Your About Us page is the page where you establish your EAT: Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

There are many ways you can do that:

  • Telling a personal story
  • Using personal images
  • Introducing the members of the team
  • Writing a sentence or two about the company origin or
  • An anecdote about how it got its name.

On the other hand, you need to show that your company isn’t just fun and games and that you are a real expert in what you do.

Again, an About Us page is the place where you can write a bit about your achievements, awards, and accreditations.

The best About Us pages strike a balance between the personal and the business persona of your company. That’s the sweet spot you should be aiming at.

A well-crafted About Us page will be your primary tool of acquiring good assisted conversion value.

What’s that?

It’s a neat little factor that Google Analytics measures and it has to do with your conversions. Namely, assisted conversion measures all the interactions prior to the conversion.

It’s like a wingman to your conversion. That’s what your About Us page does!

  • It introduces you to your website visitor
  • makes you look good
  • makes your visitors feel good about you and
  • turns them into paying customers.

So, now let’s see who does an About Us page well. Here are ten amazing examples of About Us pages. Look into them for inspiration when creating your own.

About Us Page Example 1: Harry’s Razors

The first thing that you see on this About Us page is the general idea of the company. The message of Harry’s Razors is clear. They wanted to make razors that are different from other shaving companies.

That’s your intro into the world of Harry’s Razors.

The very next section is there to subtly establishes expertise. Harry’s Razors mention the following:

Our team of more than 600 engineers, designers, craftsmen, and chemists make our products from the finest materials and ingredients..

The story is very down-to-earth and relatable. But it still emphasised that the number of people who worked on this project is significant.

Take a look at this great copy with a very engaging image and a personal story. Everybody can relate to that, can’t they? That’s why this About Us page works well.

About us page example - Harry's Razors

About Us Page Example 2: Humaan

Humaan’s About Us page will definitely increase your dwell time on their website.

There are so many interesting details and photos, and you want to see all of them.

Just take a look at the first photo you see when you visit the About Us page.

This is a company of highly creative people. So this type of About Us page on its own is proof of their expertise in original digital work.

Each of the team members has an eye-catching gif image and a short, engaging description that details their skills and offers a quirky insight to their individual personality.

Phrases such as “ranks burgers based on deliciousness” and similar. After reading them all, you feel you know them. Trust established.

About us page example - Humaan

About Us Page Example 3: MailChimp

There isn’t much need for MailChimp to go over the top in establishing trust. Everybody who needs an email marketing automation system already knows about MailChimp.

They also know MailChimp is among the best. That’s why the story of its founders isn’t a story about thousands of clients and similar achievements.

It’s smartly revolving around the fact that MailChimp caters to small business. They sometimes call their target audience “the underdog.

The fact that such a famous and successful company is all about small businesses may be a hard pill to swallow.

That’s why the About Us page also contains some personal facts from the lives of the founders.

Did you notice that the founders are addressed by their first names only? That’s another way to make them more relatable and closer to the reader.

About us page example - Mailchimp

About Us Page Example 4: Trunki

Trunki’s About Us page mentions the expertise and the authority. But, it has a very interesting way of establishing trust. Take a look at the slide of images that tell the Trunki story:

About us page example - Trunki

Can you see what I mean?

I’m talking about what happened in 2005. The company had a plan, and it didn’t work out. And they’re writing about it on their website!

Nothing says honesty more than admitting a mistake or a failure and owning it!

With that one move, Trunki established trust and associated honesty with their brand. Great job!

About Us Page Example 5: Toy Fight

It’s only logical that a creative digital agency needs to have a highly original website. The best way to establish expertise is to make the website that showcases it.

Toy Fight did just that. The founders are represented as two toys in interesting situations. The “Who” section is a short blurb about both of them:

About us page example - Toy Fight

It has just enough humour to spark interest, but also mentions some big and reputable companies to establish expertise.

The social media buttons are there to establish trust and authenticity. Fun references to “tickling competitions” are there to build rapport and genuineness, which leads to increased trust.

About Us Page Example 6: Invisible Creature

This is a creative studio founded by two brothers. Their About Us page is a long and detailed story about their origin, family, music, and creativity.

There are even some heart-warming photos of their childhood — even some of their first doodles and serious drawings. Authenticity achieved.

About us page example - Invisible Creature

The story about the two brothers also establishes their expertise by mentioning big names like NASA.

Once you learn all about the two men behind the Invisible Creature company, you truly trust them and feel the connection to them.

About Us Page Example 7: Merit Goodness

This is an excellent example of an About Us page where numbers are used to establish credibility. The mission of this organisation is clearly expressed in their page title.

About us page example - Merit Goodness

Such a big statement and such a challenging task. That’s why it needs to be supported with trust markers. It shows that this organisation is serious about achieving it.

That’s what this About Us page is all… about. And it works!

About Us Page Example 8: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

This company inspires you to relax and do good while…well, doing nothing.

In other words, they sell hammocks that are made by women from sensitive social groups.

They are trained to make the hammocks so they can break the cycle of debt slavery and poverty.

About us page example - Yellow Leaf Hammocks

What makes this About Us page so great is the fact that it’s packed with uplifting stories.

It shifts the focus from simply purchasing the hammock as a way of adding a bit of relaxation luxury to your life.

It turns your purchase into an act of goodwill and social improvement.

About Us Page Example 9: Rent the Runway

This About Us page is a beautifully told story about the company. A story that inspires and follows two girls with a dream. We read about them all the way to the point where it becomes a success story.

About us page example - Rent the Runway

The story is lovely and illustrated with beautiful images. The images act as more than illustrations to the story. They are also trust marks, making the entire concept a bit more real.

About Us Page Example 10: Bulldog Skincare

It’s not that easy to make men enthusiastic about cosmetics. But, it’s very easy to make them enthusiastic about dogs!

That’s one of the reasons why Bulldog Skincare About Us page starts with an image of a cool pup.

About us page example - Bulldog Skincare

The text is relatable. It makes perfect sense to all men who struggle to find suitable products for their skin.

The About Us page then leads us through the sections that explain why their product works and how it’s made.

This is cruelty-free cosmetics. The company has strong values established on their About Us page. That’s a brand that you can easily connect with.

What Else Can You Do To Boost Customer Engagement?

Creating a good About Us page is important for customer engagement. But it’s just one part of an ongoing content strategy.

Getting a reliable stream of long-term, qualified organic traffic into your site requires a content marketing strategy and someone that can execute it… consistently.

That means a lot of good content.

You can either:

  1. Do it yourself (who needs sleep?),
  2. Hire a full-time specialist content marketer, or
  3. Outsource the whole process to a content marketing agency like us.

We’re more cost-effective than a single full-time employee and you get a fully-fledged content marketing strategy implemented without having to lift a finger.

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